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Tips on how to confirm your Kuwait evisa on-line

Kuwait is a beautiful country in a dry desert. The country’s modern architecture, sandy beaches and spectacular mix of nature and year-round sunshine make it one of the world’s leading travel destinations. In addition to tourism, the country is also a business hub, which is another reason behind the highly interesting procedures for applying for a Kuwait visa.

Kuwait has one of the easiest ways to apply for an e-Visa anywhere in the world. However, despite the simple application, you need to make sure that your country of origin is on the e-Visa list. 54 countries around the world can apply for their visa on arrival, the rest must apply in advance. Visas applied for on arrival are valid for three months. One of the questions some people ask is how to check the validity of their Kuwait visa online.

How to check and check your Kuwait evisa validity online

There are several options for travelers entering Kuwait from eligible countries to obtain their visa. You can apply for your visa on arrival, i.e. queue at the border to fill out your visa application, or you can opt for the simpler electronic online application from Kuwait evisa.

The Evisa is valid for 90 days and the application only takes a few minutes. After you have completed the application, you will be given a unique reference number to check the status of your online visa application.

When applying for your Kuwait evisa you will need to fill in some of your personal information which includes a working email. You will receive your Kuwait evisa status updates and approval via email.

The evisa application goes through a review process carried out by the State Department of the Interior. Although the online evisa process in Kuwait takes a few hours, prepare to wait another three business days before the state approves your evisa. Business days do not include holidays or weekends.


If you do not receive the status of your evisa application by e-mail after three working days, you should first rule out that the process result is not included in the spam filter. If it doesn’t, you can use these simple instructions to check the status.

  • Visit the website you used to apply your Kuwait evisa.
  • Enter your passport number, other unique details and the reference number you received after the application process on the verification / verification form.
  • Submit the status request form and wait for an email response within the next 72 hours.

The validity of your Kuwait evisa depends on the type of visa you received prior to or upon entry. Kuwait has three main types of visas: tourist visa, business visa, and arrival visa.

You can get that Tourist Visa quickly by applying for it online, which saves you the agony of queuing at the border or going to an embassy to get one. The visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days. The requirements for applying for an online tourist visa are your name, travel plans, address, and passport details. After the application you will receive a unique number with which you can check the validity of the Evisa.

Kuwait is not only a tourist attraction but also a business center. Business people from different lifestyles apply Business visa Visiting the desert land by the thousands each year for trade shows, meetings, deals and other work-related topics. After you leave the country, your business visa for Kuwait is still valid for six months.

However, the visa does not give you the green light to look for employment in the country or to stay longer than expected. Follow the same instructions as above to find out about your business visa validity, but only if your application was made through a website.

Application for a Visa on arrival is also possible for visitors from certain countries. Visitors line up at the border for their application forms, which is not very convenient. To avoid queues at the border, visitors can simplify their application processes by applying for their visas online. All they need to do after crossing the border is to show their Kuwait evisa next to their passport and they are good to go.

Final thoughts

Applying for your Kuwait evisa is a simplified process that cuts the time to travel to the beautiful state of Kuwait. The process of checking the validity and status of your visa is as simple as the application process. The electronic process saves you the agony of visiting the embassy or queuing at the border, and you can do so from the comfort of your own home or at home. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should be from a country with Kuwait evisa eligibility.

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