Our Story

Canada Association of Tourism Employees (CATE)

Private Tours

We offer some of the most exclusive tours in the world. Rare experiences are at the core of our vision for our clients. We live to serve you high-end experiences that keep you stimulated for years later.


Diverse Jobs

CATE has invested heavily in working to provide jobs across diverse array of sectors.


Great Hotels

Our hotels have been vetted to ensure you will have the most comfortable and memorable experiences.


Online Courses

The most convenient way to attend classes anywhere in the world, its just a few clicks away.

CATE History

We Explore the World

The Canada Association of Tourism Employees was established to provide a wide array of services to change the micro and macro tourism, education and employment industry. It also addresses many of the social ills in society like lack of affordable housing, to create an effectual change.
Regardless of the changes in the world economy or structure this organization is dynamic and adaptable enough to always innovate to serve society.
Tourism represents a multi-billion-dollar industry. International travelers are increasingly interested in unique and authentic experiences. CATE provides these experiences.
We are also heavily invested in education, employment and social provision for the less fortunate in society. We aim to provide an inclusive ecosystem of support for you.


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Humble Beginnings

On the heels of the challenges that people in society face and viewing some of the support they have experienced by many I decided to establish CATE. It aims be an educational, tourism and employment hub that supports a network of people from all walks of life. We intend to create real and captivating experiences in education, jobs, travel and events. We also look forward to using this as a catalyst to provide many services to the less fortunate.


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