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Youngsters On-line Studying Statistics 2020

Education in 2020 has shifted significantly towards the online classroom and distance learning.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CodeWizardsHQ, we surveyed 2,000 American parents of school-age children and examined the biggest challenges faced by parents and students in digital learning in this unique school year.

The top stats include:
– 94% of American parents are concerned about “summer slides” or learning losses as a result of COVID-related disruptions in the past school year, according to new research.
– 76% of these parents also fear that their children’s school performance will be affected by the move to distance learning.
– 3 out of 10 parents wanted their children to take part in engineering activities.
– 1 in 4 would like their child to learn to code and 73% of parents also say their children should try it this school year as there are less typical after-school activities.

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