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The Want Of The Hour [eBook]

Why migrating to remote learning is so important now

While many organizations have relied on classroom training in recent years, the COVID crisis has triggered a dramatic change. You need to be able to customize and evolve your L&D program to keep up with not only industry trends but global events as well. This eBook contains all the important information you need to make the move to distance learning. It covers the transformation lifecycle, solution levers, and more so you can deploy a successful remote training strategy for your team.

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Migration to Distance Learning: The Need of the Hour

Discover why distance learning is now relevant after the COVID crisis!

How remote learning promotes continuous employee development

Training should not be a one-off event when new employees join the company. In fact, employees should be supported on an ongoing basis in order to close gaps and continuously improve their on-site performance. Remote learning gives them the ability to set their own pace and create a flexible training plan that best suits them. They can also follow personalized paths based on their goals, areas for improvement, and job roles. In summary, it can be said that remote learning opens up new L&D opportunities without endangering employees.

About this eBook

Distance learning is not a fad. More and more organizations are relocating their training online or are opting for a hybrid model due to the global pandemic. But where do you even start and why is it so important to assess your current level of learning maturity? Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find in this distance learning e-book:

  • Distance learning: why now?
  • Maturity model for distance learning
  • The three learning organizations
  • Transformation lifecycle of distance learning
  • Lever for transformation solutions
  • Remote Learning Migration: A Case Study
  • Converting Classroom Training to Distance Training for a High-Touch Sales Business: A Case Study


Download the eBook Migration To Remote Learning: The Need Of The Hour to assess your learning maturity and how to move your ILT online to adapt to the new normal.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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