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Creating A Future Workforce [eBook]

Top tips for creating a future workforce

Every organization is affected by the pandemic, regardless of its niche or geographic location. One of the biggest challenges with COVID and the new normal is training remote teams. How do you prepare your employees for impending obstacles and strengthen self-confidence? This eBook examines how each organization has moved forward and become more resilient in the months and years to come with an effective training and retraining strategy.

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Creation of a future workforce

Is your learning organization ready to make the most of its Roaring Twenties?

Why every organization should (strategically) plan ahead

Who knows what the future holds? For many companies, the path ahead is likely peppered with new hurdles to employee engagement. Not to mention a fair share of unexpected financial risks. That is why it is so important to plan accordingly and develop sustainable resources for your teams. They need ongoing support that meets their needs and addresses personal vulnerabilities in the workplace, whether they are remote or on-site. Every organization should strategically plan for a post-pandemic world by equipping its employees with core competencies and practical skills.

About this eBook

You don’t have to let uncertainty affect the growth or motivation of your employees. This eBook can help you develop an adaptable and personalized online training strategy. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll find in this insightful read:

  • Times change’: How executives can help their companies thrive in times of instability.
  • The retraining challenge: The main difference between upskilling and retraining, and why they’re so critical to your business growth.
  • Retraining of your employees: How your organization can use retraining to move forward.
  • Continuing education with micro-learning: Examining the role that micro-learning plays in upskilling.


Download the eBook “Creating A Future Workforce” for more insider secrets to prepare your workforce for new challenges with retraining, professional development and micro-learning support. You will learn all the essentials to hone in-house talent and create a solid framework for skill building.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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