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On-line Training Statistics 2021 – e-Studying Infographics

Online learning exploded last year. With the closure of schools, universities, and all other major educational institutions, the transition to distance learning was quick. As people have become much more familiar with this form of teaching and can often access online platforms to learn at their own pace, changes could continue.

For brands, the online education trend is a huge opportunity. And no, it’s not just limited to educational technology platforms. HubSpot has launched over 350 courses in its academy that generate brand awareness and leads for the company each month. An e-book from the company says its platform grew 115% year over year.

To help you understand this acceleration in e-learning, Graphic Rhythm designed an infographic that showcases key online education statistics. It introduces some data-driven, profitable course topics and corporate learning trends that you can use to create your first online course.

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