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How To Lead Nurture eLearning Consumers

How a 360 inbound marketing strategy drives leadership

Successful organizations have one thing in common: They know the importance of building a relationship with their prospects. They know the importance of connecting with their target audience and getting them deeper into the marketing funnel. To do this for your business, you need to use content in various forms and guide prospects through the conversion … but how do you manage that? By implementing a 360 inbound marketing approach! This is an increasingly popular content marketing model.

A 360 degree strategy will help you to extend your marketing expenses and generate long-term leads. It’s a proactive approach that will eventually run on its own once you’ve got all of the content marketing gears in motion. Let’s take a closer look at lead generation through inbound marketing, then move on to the top eight ways this unique results-oriented model can help you attract business training buyers.

What is a 360 inbound marketing strategy?

Typically, 360 inbound marketing requires a tiered approach. The first step is to develop a targeted SEO and content strategy that will result in high quality content. Namely, these are articles and eBooks that will help you become an industry authority. The next phase is a multi-channel advertising activity designed to inform you about your highly relevant content. You can even expand your marketing repertoire with additional social media contacts, etc. The final stage for even more qualified lead generation is a live event like a webinar to push your new leads further down the funnel.

All of your assets should be aimed at continuous lead generation. Hence, it is important to focus on researching your buyer personalities and their search intent. This strategy ensures that prospects get to know your brand at every stage of the journey. For example, someone who has never come across your software before will read an article that has helpful tips and tricks to fill in their L&D gaps. This prompts them to download your eBook, where of course they can find even more insider secrets and targeted backlinks. Then invite them to join your live webinar session on the same topic for added value and expertise. This is a proven approach that we have been implementing with great success for years!

Here are 8 ways to create an effective 360 ​​inbound marketing approach:

1. Improve your SEO strategy

You need to address your ideal buyer personalities and get discovered in the SERPs. For a 360 degree inbound marketing approach to be effective, you need to be clear about your business needs. What do you want to achieve with your content marketing campaigns? Knowing your ideal buyers and what vulnerabilities you can help them resolve will improve the approach to your content strategy. This includes keyword research, competitive analysis, and trend tracking. In short, you’ll learn what topics your leads are interested in and how to drive more traffic to your top converting pages.

2. Create targeted content

The core of a successful inbound marketing strategy is top-notch content that addresses consumer vulnerabilities. For example, your 360 approach could have optimized articles included in your exclusive eBook. It is important to iron out the development process in advance, e.g. B. how keywords are integrated organically and what tone you want to convey. Once the articles are ready to go, you can embed them into an eBook to generate more leads. After all, value-added content leads to higher conversion rates, right? In addition, content quality helps your content get more approvals and backlinks.

3. Cross-Promotion

This is where it all comes together to form a network of backlinks and cross-promotions. The articles published will attract skilled eLearning buyers, but will also promote your eBook with added value. Prospects download the guide for inside information that will also help you build a stronger relationship. They appreciate the fact that you are giving them top tips and insights to help them overcome real-world challenges. The more value you offer, the more shares you will get. After all, good content needs to be shared among like-minded people!

4. Increase conversions for related pages

The focus is not only on your eBook. A targeted 360 inbound marketing solution will also help you promote other action pages to increase conversion rates. For example, find out about free demos or software trials, or invite prospects to download a free white paper or case study that shows your product features in action. You can also add additional promotional activities for upcoming events linked to your promotional pages to maximize your marketing reach.

5. Add gated assets to your marketing list

A gated asset strategy requires leads to provide contact information before they can download your exclusive eBook. As a result, you build your marketing list and prospects get insider tips they won’t find anywhere else. Remember, your visitors are anonymous at this point. They are just a traffic statistic. However, gated assets give you valuable information like name and email address so that you can get in touch. All of this data adds value to your marketing and sales teams. You can also use it to segment your contacts. This is one of the most direct ways to nurture leads and convert them into paying customers. The main goal is to get those new contact emails and then promote the users by sharing more valuable information until they convert.

6. Host a webinar to generate more leads

A 360 inbound marketing plan just isn’t complete without a well-run live event to keep leads down the funnel. In particular, you should host a webinar related to your eBook since you already know they are interested in the topic. For example, your event could give them additional guidance and have a Q&A section. It can also include polls or polls to collect even more demographic data as well as detailed attendance metrics. You can also collect information directly from prospects and make a personal connection. For example, they can ask your top sales rep how your product addresses its real-world challenges.

7. Build the industry authority

Interested parties may want to contact an eLearning content provider or software provider who is familiar with these things. Publishing articles and a quality eBook can help you build authority and credibility in the industry. Leads know they can trust your insights and opinions because you know the topic. They understand their weak points and know how to deal with them inexpensively. Many thought leaders publish eBooks and guides to provide advice and drive more traffic to their landing pages.

You will find fresh ideas in our extensive eLearning e-book library!

8. Offer value-added content

Above all, a 360 degree inbound marketing strategy gives potential customers the information they are looking for. There are no conditions except that basic contact details must be provided. In fact, they have the opportunity to interact directly with your brand before making their final decision. For example, you download your e-book to use your off-the-shelf solutions to reduce compliance risks, and then attend your webinar to learn more about your unique courses and niche skills. None of these things require an upfront investment on your part. However, this can alleviate any doubts and bring you one step closer to closing the deal.

Are you ready for a 360 ° marketing strategy that will help you get high quality leads?

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A 360 degree marketing plan is ideal for companies that want not only quick results, but long-term profits as well. It includes strategic planning, SEO analysis and extensive dissemination to eLearning professionals (AKA qualified buyers and decision makers). You can cover a topic that resonates with your audience, expands your reach, and instills trust.

Would you like to find out how our proven 360 inbound strategy can generate and nurture more leads for your company? Our digital marketing consultants can help you customize your inbound marketing campaign, conduct competitive analysis, and choose the right topic. We’ll address your current marketing challenges head on so you can maximize ROI.

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