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How Can Corporations Guarantee Staff From The Workplace Return To Work?

Can employees be made to come into the office?

Companies are returning from the office as the severity of the pandemic has subsided. Companies require employees to return to the office or work in the office for a few days. Instead of asking employees to work from the office all the time, they explain hybrid plans like employees working in the office some days and from home on others.

How can companies ensure that employees return to the office successfully?

Give them notice

Employee consent is also required before returning to work. It is important because some employees have to take care of their elders and children at home. Their responsibilities have increased because schools have been closed due to this disease. Give employees notice before entering the office so that they can organize child and elderly care.

Employees can also have problems with safety conditions in the workplace in the wake of the pandemic. You can contact HR about compliance issues, so the HR team needs to know how to respond to such concerns. It is also better to ask employees why they are afraid to return to work so that security measures can be properly implemented.

Indeed, while companies strive to get employees back into the office, they need to ensure that employees don’t get infected on the spot. Because of this, some safety measures need to be in place, including avoiding overcrowding from staff talking or fetching coffee from vending machines. Companies should therefore keep logs to ensure that social distancing is observed. There should also be a hand sanitiser dispenser at the entrance.

Change rules and take security measures

There is also a need for security in factories, as workplaces can be close together. For safety reasons, therefore, attention should be paid to the distance between the workstations and the arrangement must be changed.

On the flip side, wherever companies can’t make changes to the layout of the floor, it’s better to get factory workers to wear PPE kits so they don’t get infected. That being said, it is better to review negative RT-PCR reports from employees before they are allowed to return to work from the office. It is also important for companies to consider for whom working from the office should be mandatory, as their work can only be done in this way. PPE kits are also essential for employees who need to interact with customers. Even an employee who travels abroad must be checked if this is only done for trivial reasons.

Employee shifts can also be changed to work in different daily shifts, but this is only possible for office workers and not for factory workers as the former does not have to work from the office every day. Only call employees to the office on a few days of the week and not all of them.

Show empathy towards employees who are responsible for raising children

Write emails to employees letting them know when the work schedule starts and wait for their feedback. You should explain to employees why the company needs them to get back to work from the office.

But despite your urgent need for employees to return to the office, some employees may still want to work from home. This is because they may still be mourning the loss of a loved one due to the illness or have become a single parent due to a loss. In this case, a company must show some empathy towards these employees and allow them to work from home, but explain to them that despite this privilege, they must act as a team and have an online presence when necessary.

Create a lively office culture, but with social distancing

Companies can also make sure they create a fun atmosphere for employees to feel blessed to have returned to the office. For example, on some days you can host a pizza party where employees get small pizzas and there is no social closeness. In this way, companies can ensure a smooth transition for employees who return to the office.

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