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Cybersecurity Coaching For Staff Utilizing An LMS

Why is cybersecurity important for homeworkers?

In our time, the implementation of an LMS is an absolute necessity in order to impart knowledge to employees. In fact, employees must be trained consistently to ensure that a company is achieving its maximum success. Cybersecurity is very important for companies to ensure that employees are safe in their workplace. This is critical as employees work from home and use corporate servers to access data. Although VPNs are used to protect corporate networks, they are still vulnerable to attack based on user error. According to security reports, there has been a huge increase in mobile phishing attacks. Such attacks increased significantly between October 2019 and March 2020. This happened due to user error.

Training software is required to ensure that employees are protecting corporate systems while they are working from home. Because it is so necessary, this type of exercise cannot be short-lived. In fact, an LMS needs to be updated with cybersecurity materials to ensure employees are looking for warning signs to protect themselves from phishing.

When a child is using your system

Cyber ​​attacks have increased because employees also use social media. But with proper cybersecurity training, employees can alert their organization to potential threats in a timely manner. Employees need to know that their home devices can also be hacked. This can happen if someone hacks your home WiFi. For example, someone can introduce viruses into a home PC when a child is using it to access a game site. This means that the system is compromised and access to VPN credentials is granted. Even cell phones used to access office email can be hacked if a malicious site is opened.

An LMS can be used to inform employees about the rules of cybersecurity. An LMS can ensure that employees participate in games that ask them how they respond to a phishing situation. Employees with the correct answer are rewarded with tokens. The employee with the maximum token can receive awards such as “the best employee of the year”. In this way, employees can be encouraged to train on the latest phishing trends.

Organizations need to understand the importance of cybersecurity because if an LMS does not contain information, the entire system can be compromised. Employees need to understand how important it is for them to protect a company’s data.

What to do if hackers accessed a router

Hackers can access a router’s password. Once this password is compromised, they can attack all systems in your home. There are many signs of what happens after a router is hacked:

  • Low bandwidth
    Hackers will take advantage of your bandwidth, which clearly means you don’t have much left to use. You will suffer from slow loading websites that can affect your work.
  • The firewall is compromised
    As soon as hackers install malware on your system, the firewall is disabled, which leads to malicious websites opening on the system. Viruses can be released on your computer and steal all your important data. You can also start up the computer yourself. You can also check all of your internet activity to see which websites are being accessed.

A company’s employees can have videos sent through an LMS to see if a hacker has accessed their home systems.

Employees must follow certain basic steps:

  • Log in to the computer
    You have to log on to the computer with your own username and password. After you have logged in, you have to enter the IP address of the router in the URL bar of the browser.
  • Find the connected devices
    You can then check how many devices are registered in your network. There is a list of connected devices for you to check. You may be familiar with some devices, but some of them are discoverable by their IP addresses. If they don’t see a device’s IP address, it means it is a hacker’s device. As soon as you have discovered such an IP address, the first thing you can do is restart the router. This reset button is located on the back of this device. There is a hole with the word “reset” mentioned above. You have to stick something pointed into this hole to push the button. You need to make sure to hold this button down for 30 seconds. Then release the button and the router will restart. After that, they need to call the ISP person at home to configure the network and start the internet on their PC.

All of these steps can be shown to employees in one Zoom call to keep their home networks secure.

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