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Guarantee Your Crew Has The Data And Abilities To Succeed [eBook]

How talent development professionals can form powerful partnerships

How should TD professionals adapt to the ever-changing corporate world and the new challenges of the global pandemic? This guide provides the information you need to create meaningful partnerships with organizations to fill the gaps and achieve long-term success. Backed by in-depth industry research, it shows you how to create a lifelong learning plan and leverage the latest L&D trends to nurture in-house talent (even remotely). Read on to learn how to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for a top-notch approach to TD to succeed.

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Make sure your team has the knowledge and skills to be successful

Learn How To Develop In-House Talent And Start A Lifelong Learning Program!

Start a talent development program that gets results

Every employee must be able to face new challenges and continuously improve their performance. It is the talent developer’s job to provide ongoing support and identify potential obstacles before they even occur. However, starting a TD program can be daunting, especially if your workforce is geographically dispersed. As a result, many companies are turning to the Talent Development Capability Model described in this guide. It enables you to develop core competencies, instill self-confidence and accompany employees on their career path. This is built on a solid TD foundation that gives HR and L&D professionals all the tools they need to develop high achievers.

About this eBook

This guide explains the critical elements your business needs to develop skills and fill in gaps in a cost-effective manner. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find in it:

  • Industry research highlighting the latest TD trends
  • Talent Development Capability Model
  • Certifications confirm the expertise, skills and credibility of employees

Regardless of your employee size or budget, this eBook can help you identify weaknesses and maximize internal resources. It also deals with research that has involved more than 3,000 professionals to identify the 23 skills required for TD to be successful.

Does your team have the knowledge and skills to be successful?

Your TD experts need proven methods to maximize your human resources. Download the eBook. Make sure your team has the knowledge and skills necessary to figure out how to develop your personal and professional skills and develop a results-oriented strategy for your team.

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