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Gross sales Expertise Each Gross sales Rep Ought to Grasp

Sales skills that your sales force and external partners should develop

A pinch of active listening and a pinch of problem-solving skills go a long way towards improving customer satisfaction. This guide outlines all of the key sales skills your employees and external partners will need to close the deal and achieve their full potential. You will also find out why each skill is critical to not only delivering a fantastic customer experience, but also to build self-esteem, awareness and trust.

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8 sales skills top salespeople and salespeople need to have


Communication gaps lead to low customer service scores and lackluster sales statistics. Put simply, employees cannot actively listen to consumer needs or expectations, leading to product mismatches and a damaged brand image. External partners and employees must also be able to articulate themselves to highlight the product benefits, uses, and guidelines that you have. Last but not least, non-verbal communication during the product presentation and sales transaction is just as important. Employees must be able to read non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and body language.

solve problems

Not every customer is ready to make a purchase when they walk into the store or hire an advisor with your sales rep. This is where problem solving comes in. It gives employees and external partners the opportunity to overcome fears and find the best sales technique based on customers’ buying habits and personal pain points. For example, a consumer may not have the space in their budget to purchase a great product or service. However, their rep may offer them a comparable product to save the sale instead of leaving them empty-handed. Dealing with negative perceptions is another benefit problem solving skills bring to your business. Let’s say a customer has heard derogatory things about the product in the past or had a bad experience with industry vendors. Problem solving equips them with lateral thinking and critical thinking so that employees can develop innovative approaches and strengthen the trust of buyers again.


Of course, negotiation skills and persuasiveness are essential sales skills that your internal team and your external partners need to develop. Are you able to agree on a fair price with customers without worrying about your bottom line? Do you know how to make customers an offer they can’t refuse? Are they loyal and bring in repeat business? How many compromises can you make without breaking company protocols to increase customer satisfaction?

time management

The day has a limited number of hours and employees need to know how to use them wisely. For example, you can’t spend too much time with a customer who isn’t ready to buy. On the flip side, they still need to show them respect and give them their undivided attention in order to build a better relationship. It’s often a balancing act. Time management skills also shine with product demos and sales transactions. A 10-minute presentation of the product could be off-putting to busy customers, and those on it’s turn could go away in the meantime.

Social Selling

In the “old days”, social selling was all about personal networking. Now it’s more about using social media tools to reach prospects and grow your customer base. For example, employees and partners need to know the basics of social media etiquette and connect with qualified leads via online networks. How should you develop your online personality? How often should you contact potential leads? The last thing you want is outside partners harassing people under your brand name.

Lead nurturing

Getting customers in the door (virtual or otherwise) is not an easy task. It requires follow-up and relationship building. Can your sales reps connect with consumers on a personal level while maintaining their professionalism? Are they able to answer questions and raise concerns without losing patience or feeling that it is a “waste of time”? Successful salespeople strive for long-term partnerships with customers / customers and know that it all starts with lead nurturing.


Seeing things from a new perspective is one of the most important skills in sales as your sales reps need to connect with your customers right away. Compassion and empathy are what make great salespeople stand out from the crowd. For example, a member of your field service team does everything possible to meet the customer’s needs on budget because they know the customer will be spending more in the long run. This also improves your brand image as customers know that it’s not just about profit, it’s about providing unforgettable service.

set goals

Your team doesn’t just have to worry about sales goals. You should also have skill and performance development goals in order to achieve their true potential. Do they need to work on team building or conflict resolution to be more effective leaders? Are there certain tasks you should master in order to increase CX stats and keep loyal customers? More importantly, they need to be able to set and measure these goals on their own rather than waiting for coaches or managers to take the initiative.


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