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Monitor Gross sales Enablement Coaching: 7 Artistic Methods

Innovative ways to track sales enablement training and discover gaps

This guide will help you take the guesswork out of following sales enablement training and keep a close eye on your KPIs. We offer creative tips and methods for assessing performance to help your company identify areas for improvement in a cost-effective manner.

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The importance of ongoing evaluation

Most companies set the standard when it comes to onboarding new employees. You know exactly what skills these new partners or employees have. In fact, that’s probably one of the reasons they picked the candidate from the talent pool. However, many lose sight of expertise, experience and skills as these individuals venture further into the employee cycle. Maybe they have been with the company for 5 years and always met their quotas so the company just stops monitoring their growth. However, this is a huge disservice to sales reps as it prevents them from reaching their full potential. Regular assessments, on-the-job evaluations and informal knowledge checks ensure that every team member faces new challenges.

7 Inspired Tips for Following Sales Enablement Training

1. Gamification

Badges and leaderboards keep your sales team busy. Gamifying your sales and partner training courses also improves performance and promotes friendly competition. It also motivates coworkers to take up new training opportunities based on coworkers’ progress. For example, your colleague has just earned the coveted “Product Expert” badge, which calls on him to give everything and close existing gaps. Badges in particular are ideal for tracking employee and partner milestones. You can see how far you have come and keep your momentum thanks to positive reinforcement.

2. Certifications

You always need to be prepared for an audit. With certifications you can prove that employees and external partners adhere to the regulations and are compliant. However, certifications are not only suitable for mandatory compliance training. You can also use them to track the development of competencies and provide targeted support. For example, sales teams need to complete their customer service certification course, which covers interpersonal skills and company policies. Just be sure to look for an LMS with recurring certifications that allows you to automatically assign courses based on specific events and reassign certification paths when they expire.

3. Competency dashboard

A skills dashboard provides executives with an overview of the status of their teams in terms of skill development. You will also be able to evaluate and forecast future gaps and trajectory building skills based on progress and performance statistics. Managers have the option to reach out to sales reps who may be having problems or need more personal assistance to help them close deals. Another thing to consider is personalized dashboards where employees and external partners can discreetly track their own performance and search for JIT resources and courses themselves.

4. Peer feedback

Employee feedback can take the form of workplace advice or peer reviews. For example, salespeople record their techniques or innovative approaches and employees rate their performance. Maybe they need to work on their presentation or time management skills because they make the customer wait too long. The main benefit of peer-based feedback is that it usually comes from like-minded professionals who are at the same level, e.g. B. from other remote sales reps with similar work-related challenges or concerns.

5. Automated learning plans

Top sales and partner training LMS platforms give you the ability to automatically assign learning activities and set branched learning paths based on the outcome of the previous online training activity. In this way, employees and external partners can not only track their personal performance and progress, but also immediately set the course to close crucial gaps. For example, develop relevant skills or core competencies that you lacked during the task simulation or self-assessment.

6. AI-powered social learning

Ultimately, you need a learning management system that allows partners to share their expertise through web-based or user-generated content that they can post on topic-based discussion forums. Sales reps interested in related skills or niche topics can access these boards to expand their expertise and even contribute to conversations if they fall into their specialty. But how does that relate to sales enablement tracking? In short, all of these social interactions help you fill in common gaps. For example, you can monitor boards to identify common assumptions or sticking points in training, as well as limiting beliefs or behaviors.

7. Coaching and mentoring

If you’re looking for a way to take peer feedback one step further, consider starting a coaching and / or mentoring program for your sales reps. These can be couples or teams of external partners with similar goals and training needs. They use collaboration tools and video conferencing software to keep in touch and share progress updates. For example, they meet once a week to share stories and learn about new training resources for sales enablement. Ask managers to sit down from time to time to monitor their teams and provide guidance if necessary. However, this should not be a place for a formal assessment, but rather a joint brainstorming and open discussion. In other words, a safe and supportive virtual space where colleagues can come together without fear of being judged.

How Adobe Captivate Prime helps you locate gaps

Companies need deep insights to uncover gaps and continuously develop their sales talents. Adobe Captivate Prime offers user group reports, xAPI support, and next-generation data visualization tools to get the most out of your metrics. You can even access specific learning data to track performance and compare it to other peer groups as well as individual learning goals.

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