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eBook Launch: eLearning Developments 2021

Explain the eLearning trends for 2021

Most L&D experts have shown a keen interest in understanding and predicting the eLearning trends of 2021. In this industry, preparing for the next step is critical. An enormous amount of planning and budgeting is required to implement an eLearning initiative. This is precisely why it is important to stay up to date with the latest professional trends. Great caution should be exercised, however, as there is a huge difference between the trends that everyone senselessly copies that are just a passing fad and the trends that actually have substance.

eBook release

eLearning trends 2021: A look out of the trenches

Discover 5 eLearning trends adopted by high performing organizations that you should adopt to become an impact maker.

In this eBook, CommLab India did an excellent job identifying the major eLearning trends in 2021. By following this guide, you can help your business along the way towards your L&D goals.

About the eBook

In this eBook you will find 5 eLearning trends of 2021 that are presented and explained in a thorough and concise way.

L & D change from client to impact maker

The first of the eLearning trends of 2021 is the much more important role L&D will play in things to come. The L&D unit is now developing into an impact maker who proactively contributes to business results and has a say at the decision-making table. An impact maker is a strategic business partner who understands business at a deep level.

Highly effective continuous learning

Our next trend is effective continuous learning. This chapter discusses various training formats that are available to us to provide learners with a combined journey that begins before training and extends after formal training.

Virtual Teacher Led Training (VILT)

The next trend is VILT. Virtual teacher-led training has been trending for a few years, but now it’s more important than ever. VILTs became famous during the pandemic and their usefulness will only continue to grow as they are great for direct human interaction.

4 Rs fast eLearning conversion

The 4 Rs of Fast eLearning Conversion is a mnemonic device for 4 content conversion strategies that will help you convert classroom training materials to eLearning, make legacy courses mobile compatible, minimize subject matter (SMB) involvement, and much more.

Integration of learning resources into an LXP

The last of the eLearning trends of 2021 presented here is the integration of learning resources into an LXP. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, an LXP makes each learner the architect of their learning journey, creating custom learning paths and providing truly personalized learning by calling up learning resources based on preferences, skills to be developed, previous decisions and much more.


The eBook eLearning Trends 2021 – A Look Out the Trenches is your guide to the trends that are being adopted by high performing organizations that you should adopt to become an impact maker. You’ll learn how to build a brand for your L&D team and move from order-taking to impact by focusing on measurable results, providing continuous learning opportunities that translate into an application in the workplace, and performance through building Improve a learning mix Learn the human classroom interaction minus the logistical issues by moving to virtual classrooms. Meet all requirements when moving from the classroom to online training by taking on the 4 Rs and make learners the architects of their learning journey by giving them integrated access to learning resources through an LXP. Download the eBook eLearning Trends 2021 – A look out of the trenches and master the challenges of 2021!

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