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Teach our people to fish

One of the biggest challenges companies face is making sure they are meeting the learning needs of their employees. To solve this problem, companies often look to external content catalogs from providers like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, etc. These catalogs are useful, but not the silver bullet.

Likewise, it is simply not possible to have all of an organization’s learning professionally created by the learning and development team, as they typically do not have the people or resources to develop the sheer volume of content necessary to meet all of the various needs of management is required, not to mention the task of keeping content updated as legislation, processes, products and services, and policies change.

So what’s the answer here?

If you travel back in time to a world before learning online, people have “learned on the job” (they still do). Typically, a manager, and most likely other team members, will take responsibility for showing the employee how to perform certain tasks. All that has to do with safety is usually the first cab out of the rank, followed by compliance training, and finally the various skills and knowledge required to perform the role. With the advent of online learning, companies are trying to bring learning to the front when it is desired. This is increasingly referred to as “work-flow learning” because you know how people love buzzword bingo.

The answer for me is obvious: we need to replicate the on-the-job training informally offered by managers and colleagues and speed up that process by providing some additional easy-to-use tools that can be used to create simple but effective learning objects on-site. as needed.

For example, imagine if a manager showed an employee how to perform a certain procedure or operate a machine, and he could film that interaction with his phone or tablet (or have someone else do it) and then with a simple one Procedure Add a quiz or some written instruction to this video and save it in a study library available upon request from other staff.

For me, this is the killer eLearning app. Not only do you want users to be able to access a small, bite-sized learning block that is relevant to their needs in a portable and on-demand manner, but they also want the training to be created the same way.


Many of you would have heard of the 70:20:10 rule when it comes to employee learning, with the 70 component being ad hoc / informal learning in the workplace. If we can add some structure to this process and quickly create simple learning objects and share them with team members, we are going in the right direction to meet the learning needs of our employees. This allows the learning and development team to concentrate on the “20” and “10” components of the formula. For example, analysis and research of content and formal training courses for suitability for the needs of employees.

So we know that purchasing a catalog does not meet all of our training needs and we will never be able to develop everything the organization needs as an L&D team. So we need to teach our organization to fish so that it can fish for itself. To do this, we have to make the tool for creating learning content available to as many of our employees as possible. For this we need a system that enables this and that enables both the creation of learning content and the learning consumption in a space of 70%.

If an employee is able to watch a video made by one of their more experienced coworkers and show them how to do something, it will most likely resonate with them. If supporting facts or data are superimposed on the video, this increases the quality of the information captured. If there is a quick quiz that we can use to make sure the person understood what they just learned, we have measured the effectiveness of the learning object and have an audit trail of the time and date the learning took place.

Of course, to move all of this forward we need a system that will allow staff to navigate quickly and easily to find what they need, when they need it.

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