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What Is Company Coaching Animation?

What is corporate training animation?

Animations for training are videos or a series of animations that visualize objects and concepts that will be covered in a course.

Based on the corporate culture, needs and course modules, specialized studios produce animation videos for training that are suitable for each training purpose. Apprentices in companies were able to quickly learn visualized training content. This would save more time than scanning all of the materials. All training courses could be carried out by animation, from simple courses such as orientation, etiquette in the workplace to complex such as technical training.

How can animation help your workout?

This teaching tool makes it easier for learners to understand topics by illustrating and simplifying complex concepts. Bite-sized information with a touch of fun is also easier to remember regardless of the topic. The application of animation in education also helps students engage more diligently in class while they wait for more fun.

The animation for the training enables the learners to individually adapt their learning experiences and to control them themselves. Videos provide learner with clear information. Hence, they effectively speed up your workouts. The shorter induction period means that employees can apply what they have learned in class earlier in the real workplace.

How to create a working animation for training


Based on the budget, the animation studio commissioned can learn more about the scope of the project. This makes the advisory process more precise and faster. Video duration, animation style, training complexity, and timeline are features that will have a huge impact on your budget. More features or deadlines that are too tight mean that the production price goes far beyond your planned budget.


Understanding your audience and what they want from your course is crucial. With the demographic information of your employees, the corporate culture or insights into previous teaching behavior, the animation studio teams adapt the videos to their preferences. For example, if your staff are nurses, the videos should be simple to demonstrate diseases and ways to treat them accordingly. All video features like characters, storylines, themes, and even soundtracks are designed based on your viewer preferences.


The timeline is the time to produce the videos and the final deadline to deliver them. It is extremely important to discuss the overall schedule, and especially the final date, with the production team. A timeline brings complex tasks and project management phases together in one place. It helps the team to know what to expect from them in each period and to complete the requested product on time. It provides guidance to the production team to make the process easier to discuss and manage, as it can adapt flexibly to changes.

The platform your company is currently using

Before you plan to visualize your training content, you should consider whether your learning management system can host the series or not. It would waste a lot of time and money if you finished the entire project and found that the platforms cannot support videos. When the animated videos play smoothly on platforms, they enhance the learning experience for employees. However, should employees have problems playing the videos in the E-Class, re-evaluating the system can take a long time.

Find the right partner

Finding the right partner is crucial as you need to accompany them through to the end of the project. However, choosing the perfect animation studio can be a challenge for you, especially if you are new to animation for training. While there are so many criteria to consider, all you need to do is remember the most important criteria in order to evaluate a quality studio. You should review the studio’s portfolio for training, production experience, studio scope, and previous project products and case studies.

Which types of animation are suitable for company training courses?

There is no denying that animation is an attractive tool for conducting training courses. There are different types of animation, however, and each of them have different strengths when paired with the right content. Here are the types best for corporate training:


Typically, animated whiteboard videos involve hands creating images on a white background. In addition to bright images, the narrator’s voice guides the viewer through various ideas. This form of corporate training animation can help you improve the training by focusing on basic concepts.

For this type of animation, training courses such as onboarding, basic courses, and HSE training courses with basic descriptions are suitable. This is the perfect choice if you are on a budget and don’t focus on illustrative details. Its simplicity saves you money, while your employees don’t have to spend too much time learning simple content. For example, in healthcare training courses, whiteboard animations can simplify medical concepts. This makes strange jargon familiar and easy to remember, even for non-medical students.

Take a look at this whiteboard example:

Motion graphics

This is an improved version of the whiteboard technique. Animators add characters and animated graphics to the video to make it more colorful and dynamic. Typically, motion graphics are used to convey a plot. This animation format makes it easy to present practical solutions and procedures.

Special training can be made much easier with motion graphics. Soft skill training or financial training can be perfectly conveyed using motion graphics. This type of plot and character animation delivers complex content more effectively than whiteboard animation. Motion graphics clearly visualize the main points and bring a heightened sense of formality.

With their vivid power, motion graphics transform long pages of theories into stories with characters. When motion graphics are used in nursing training courses, the video not only provides explanations, but also shows what will happen. Learners have a clearer view and are prepared for what they will encounter in reality.

This animated nurse training video will give you an idea of ​​how they do it:

3D animation

3D animation is the use of movement to bring characters and other objects to life. However, there are two major limitations to this style of animation: high prices and long production times. This is the perfect animation style when you need to show real-world processes, especially in the medical, science, and technology industries.

If you have an extremely complicated course that requires high accuracy, 3D computer animation is your salvation. Even medical training can be displayed realistically with the detail-oriented 3D display. If your budget is huge and the subject requires high accuracy, choose this type for the best quality workout.

How much does corporate training animation cost?

The price for 1 minute of animation can vary between $ 30,000 and $ 30,000. The gap is large due to different animation styles, production time or duration of the videos. Your budget is one of the main factors that will affect the final videos. Studios will consult appropriate animation features for your project based on your planned budget. It is recommended that you focus on the timeline as well as it affects the price as well.

In order to produce and deliver the final product in time for your courses, studios need to allocate resources to maintain high quality. Therefore, the shorter the deadline you requested, the higher the price. The amount of work is another factor that affects the price. Longer videos or series require more resources to produce and therefore cost more. The producers could save money by reusing the characters and scenes.

The more detailed the graphics, the longer it will take to perfect them. If you need realistic character expressions and actions, the production price is higher than the base price. The price varies depending on the complexity of the style chosen.

Phew, you went through the guide to understand the animation for the workout. It is time to dig deeper into other aspects of using animation in business training and see how you can get your projects off the ground.

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