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Video Studying And Animation Information For Coaching Managers

How to start a video learning and animation strategy with limited resources

Video-based learning gives your company the opportunity to simplify complex ideas and immerse employees in the topic. However, many companies assume that it is outside of their price range. In reality, any business can embark on a successful video learning strategy regardless of their design experience or spending constraints. This video learning and animation guide will walk you through all aspects of the process, from creating accessible videos to running ambitious video learning productions quickly. Before we publish the table of contents, let’s look at some of the overlooked benefits animated video-based learning projects can bring to your business.

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How to Implement Video Learning and Animation

Discover the know-how you need in this guide, which is specially tailored for training managers.

Unexpected benefits of animated video-based learning

Engagement is one of the well-known advantages of a video-based training strategy. However, this translates into a host of unexpected benefits that will add to your bottom line and help you retain top talent. Here are just a few notable benefits to include in your business case to secure internal buy-in:

Build technical familiarity

Video-based learning with animation is a great entry point for online learners. Not everyone is tech savvy and these L&D productions make it easy for them to gradually add to your online training library. You’re already familiar with online videos, and the animation makes it even more engaging. For example, they watch a 5-minute micro tutorial video to learn how to do a task. It gives them the knowledge they need on-site and introduces them to your support repository. In addition, if they orientate themselves and dedicate themselves to more involved activities, they still feel like an active part of the training community. Even so, eLearning videos are still a highly interactive and comprehensive training tool for every member of the team.

Improve the real application

One of the great advantages of video-based learning is its practical application. Animated videos show skills and knowledge in action. For example, employees can see how they are doing each step in the process and what mistakes are to be avoided. It is a visual representation that gives them the opportunity to think about their own behaviors and habits as well. Instead of just reading through logs, see them firsthand. In short, they watch animated videos and immediately apply what they have learned to build experiential knowledge.

Increase learner motivation

Learners are more likely to engage and connect with content when crossing the line between education and entertainment, which is the definition of video learning and animation. Hence, they are more motivated to take part in online training and reap the rewards than to sit on the sidelines. Each member of the team maximizes L&D resources and autonomously closes gaps as the materials resonate with them on a personal level. Simply put, video-based learning could be a catalyst that drives them to take advantage of educational and cross-training opportunities that will ultimately benefit your business.

Provide different learning styles

Everyone has different preferences and learning styles. While some employees prefer hands-on activities, others tend to use text-based JIT resources. The great thing about online animated training videos is that they provide a personalized learning experience, especially if you make it easily accessible. For example, include closed captions and subtitles for learners with special needs or those who train in crowded environments. Another option is to include additional resource links and use videos as the L&D launchpad. For example, they start with a brief walkthrough and then run scenarios and simulations to capitalize on what they have learned.

Deliver multi-generation content

Video learning appeals to people of all ages, and you can customize content to suit individual needs and goals. For example, add references that your Gen X employees are referring to, but also something for your Baby Boomer employees. The trick is to analyze your study audience so you know how to emotionally involve them in the L&D experience and address specific pain points. You can also hire a video production company to identify gaps and fill them with engaging animated content.

About this eBook

Going beyond production tips and best practices, this ultimate guide will show you how to find the right animated video company. You’ll also learn how to create next-level animated video on a tight timeline and develop storyboards to keep your project on track. Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

  • 3 Reasons Video Learning Is a Essential Learner Engagement Strategy in Any Industry
  • 5 video learning animation styles and best practices to follow
  • A deep insight into the animation process of video production training
  • 6 examples of video scripts to attract live action and eLearning video animation
  • These spot-on storyboard templates pave the way to great video animation for training
  • Easily create accessible videos: From 508 and ADA to video transcription, subtitling and beyond
  • 4 practical tips to quickly plan and run your ambitious video learning projects
  • Here’s how to create animated videos on a budget with an experienced production company by your side

The ultimate video learning and animation guide for L&D managers

Video learning and animation make your content more inclusive and accessible. Everyone gets something from the viewing experience and has the opportunity to go at their own pace. This guide has everything you need to get your project off the ground and developing attention grabbing videos that create an emotional connection. Download the eBook. How to Implement Video Learning and Animation: A Guide for Training Managers on a Budget to Discover Production Best Practices and Examples. Also take part in the webinar and discover 8 examples of instructional design for video production ideas that will excite your online audience.

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