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Journey Diary: Debbie Corrano | CuddlyNest Journey Weblog

In conversation with the Brazilian solo traveler Debbie Corrano about her travel style. Debbie, who is behind the Instagram account @debbiecorrano, has traveled the world with her four-legged friend Lisa. Let’s get to know them better!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Debbie! Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers (as well as your mutt Lisa)?

Thanks for inviting me guys! I am Debbie Corrano. I am originally from Brazil, but have been traveling the world with my dog ​​Lisa for over seven years. I am a writer and digital strategist and work as a freelancer for companies all over the world. That makes it possible for me to live anywhere in the world, wherever I want! I have lived in over 23 countries in the past 7 years and am currently in Berlin, Germany.

I found Lisa abandoned on the streets of São Paulo 13 years ago and we have had a happy life ever since. She is a stray dog ​​who was probably born on the street as unfortunately we still have a lot of abandoned animals in my country, but we found each other. She was lucky, but I was even more lucky to find her.

Which travel destinations would you recommend for those starting their first solo trip?

As a woman, my safety is one of my biggest concerns so I always try to choose countries where women can walk around without having to worry about their safety. My first solo trip was to Argentina as soon as I got my first vacation from my first job and it was eye opening. I had the idea to travel somewhere close to my home country in case something should go wrong. I still assume that this is probably the safest choice if you are concerned. Wherever you are, your first solo trip will be overwhelming regardless of the location. So choose something that makes you comfortable and prepares you for bigger adventures.

What do you want more people to know about traveling with pets?

I wish people knew it was POSSIBLE. I’ve heard so many horror stories from people who left their pets because of a trip or because they moved countries and I can’t imagine how anyone could do such a thing to such loyal and incredible companions. When I decided to travel the world, I had Lisa and my other adopted dog, Luca. I knew I could do it, but I would only leave if they could come with me. It was hard to find out all about pet travel at first, but I never thought of going anywhere without them both. The three of us have traveled to over 20 countries together. I love to be the example that pet travel may sound difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible.

“I know it’s tempting to travel to as many countries as possible, but in the end you don’t really get to know anything.”

The three best tips from your experiences for traveling alone?

  1. Stay in a hostel! Even if you’re not a fan of sharing rooms, they also have private rooms and you can still attend their events, parties, tours, and everything that happens there. It was the best way for me to have fun, meet people and do different things while out and about on my own before starting to work remotely.
  2. Travel slowly. I know it’s tempting to travel to as many countries as possible, but in the end you don’t really get to know anything.
  3. Be open to discovering new parts of yourself that you have never experienced before. Don’t let the “this is not for me” idea get you started before trying something new. That’s the beauty of traveling alone: ​​Finding out things about yourself without prejudice from others – stay open!

We’d love to hear a little about your best pet friendly experiences.

Traveling around Europe by train is best if you have pets. You can get to many countries with ease, go straight to the center of the city and the trains are often amazing and very comfortable. European countries tend to be quite pet friendly, so it’s really fun without a lot of the issues I would naturally encounter in other countries. That’s why I spend so much time here – that’s great for Lisa!

What does the perfect itinerary look like for you?

I’m a big fan of exploring more of the same country instead of hopping around every few days. The perfect itinerary for me is usually in the same city, sometimes I explore different neighborhoods, meet new people, find bookstores, small local shops and cafes that I can spend long time people watching. In the evenings, I love trying different craft beers and bar hopping in a busy neighborhood!

And your next goal is …?

With all the options, traveling is still quite a challenge, so I don’t plan as much at first. During the pandemic outbreak, I haven’t been able to see my family for a long time so I hope to travel to Brazil soon as everyone is vaccinated!

Let’s talk about sustainable travel. How can travelers most make a difference?

Respecting a place’s culture and understanding why people do what they do is probably the most important thing you can do as a traveler. You are in their place so learn their manners. When I arrive in a new country, I watch most of the time so that I can adapt to their own way of life without disturbing anything. When it comes to sustainability, I always try to make smart decisions: I don’t fly a lot, and when I do, I usually spend months in a single region, traveling to the same place to avoid unnecessary planes. We tend to undervalue plane-free travel these days due to the low-cost airlines, but in all honesty they are always the most incredible and surprising and that’s why I try to stay in one region longer.

Search. A book. Stay.

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