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US Journey: Keep away from Useless Backslide in Financial Restoration

  • Compliance with CDC guidelines enables Americans to safely return to our professional lives.
  • Those who organize and conduct PMEs have taken great strides to ensure that these events are safe.
  • The most important element in staying healthy is vaccination.

US Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow made the following statement regarding the CDC’s updated guidance announced yesterday:

“As President Biden noted, the CDC’s updated guidance marks another phase for America in managing the pandemic.

US Travel: Avoid Unnecessary Setbacks During Economic Recovery

“We have said from the start that our industry will follow the instructions of the health authorities. The last thing we want is a relapse in the incipient recovery of travel, especially as business is slowly recovering. Compliance with CDC guidelines enables Americans to safely return to our professional lives, including face-to-face meetings and business trips. The updated CDC guidelines shouldn’t detract from our country’s progress over the past few months as we have started traveling and meeting again in person.

“Ohio State University’s leading health care professionals formulated a series of evidence-based recommendations in June to ensure a safe return to large, face-to-face professional meetings and events (PMEs). The authors note how PMEs differ from other large gatherings in that they provide greater mitigation capabilities in a controlled environment through several trusted safety measures, including vaccinations and the wearing of masks. In fact, according to scientific models from the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance and Epistemix, personal PMEs pose a near zero (0.001%) risk of COVID-19 transmission for attendees – even at large events.

“And as recently reported in the Los Angeles Times, those who organize and run PMEs have taken great strides to ensure these events are safe.

“But the most important element of staying healthy is vaccination. We strongly encourage all Americans to protect themselves and their loved ones with a vaccination. It is the fastest way to normalcy for everyone. “

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