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Time-Delicate Compliance On-line Coaching Ideas

Time-sensitive compliance topics: How online training can help

For many employees, compliance seems far removed from them. They don’t quite see how this affects their daily work life. If the compliance requirements are changed too soon before the end date, additional pressure will be put on. You want your corporate learners to really pick up their lessons. It shouldn’t be something they just want to deal with. At the same time, you want them to comply before their deadline. It could literally save you thousands of dollars. Here are 7 ways you can use online compliance training to address time-sensitive compliance issues.

7 ways to address urgent compliance online training topics

1. Invest in a compliance-centric LMS

Buying a pre-made online compliance training course seems like an easy solution. It’s comprehensive and all you have to do is sign up. Unfortunately, since it’s a third-party product, you don’t have much control over it. The only option if regulations change is to wait for your software to be updated. And the developers have no real incentive to upgrade because you’ve already paid them. Instead of outsourcing, create your own online compliance training course. You can invest in an LMS that allows you to manage your own online training content and make changes if necessary. It may even offer certification support and advanced reporting capabilities so you can more effectively track time-sensitive compliance initiatives.

2. Expand the online certification courses

Regulations don’t change that often. It could be once a year or maybe once a decade. In the meantime, you likely have online training materials in place. And if you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ll know all the rules. When things change, you know when, where and how. This puts you in the best position to make the necessary tweaks for time-sensitive compliance issues. You don’t have to change the whole thing. Just go to the appropriate section and modify it to reflect the new rules. If any additional clauses or online training content is needed, you will know the best place to put them. And you can do this without affecting the flow of materials.

3. Integrate real simulations

The compliance provisions consist of two components. The first part is the statement itself that corporate learners may need to remember. The second part is the application. It is more important because cramming and reciting Legalese won’t stop you from violating. Especially when you don’t understand the real meaning of those words you just said. If you include this new policy, accompany it with a demo. It could be an audio or video clip that is pretty easy to put together. Now create practical branching scenarios in which your corporate learners can emulate a (non-) compliance scenario. This implants the fresh knowledge deeper into their psyche.

4. Offer up-to-date infographics to improve knowledge retention

You probably loved comics as a kid. Some of us still read them, even though we prefer to refer to them as graphic novels. In any case, we really liked the combination of pithy words, colorful images and dramatic scenes in these books. Infographics connect to us in the same way. You may not have charismatic superheroes, but they do have unforgettable icons and witty phrasing. They are a quick and easy way to compress large amounts of data. Create an infographic that covers regulatory updates and attach it to your existing time-sensitive online compliance training course.

5. Create an eLearning template for quick changes

One benefit of online training is that you don’t have to start from scratch every time new laws or guidelines go into effect. Especially if you are using an eLearning template that has all the important elements and placeholders that are easy to replace. For example, rules can be quickly swapped out for updated protocols or laws that relate to your industry. Or, you can keep employees informed of changes in company policies before they go into effect. All of this fits your brand image and creates a sense of cohesion.

6. Host live events to prepare for regulatory changes

You don’t necessarily need to develop structured online compliance training to reflect time-sensitive compliance changes. In fact, you can host live events to update staff and allow them to ask questions right away. Then record the events for later viewing or add them to your online micro-learning training library. For example, your organization just learned of a new data protection regulation that will officially come into effect next year. You can now start hosting events so that staff are prepared when the time comes. In addition, you can convert the event into online micro-learning training resources that focus on specific aspects of the regulation.

7. Tap In-House Experts

There is likely to be a contact in each department who always seems to be up to date with the latest rules and regulations. Time-critical online compliance training courses give you access to their knowledge base and experience. For example, invite them to hold a social media Q&A session or develop a bite-sized podcast that summarizes all of the key guidelines. They can quickly make their helpful resources available for the benefit of their employees. Remember that it is not necessarily the team leaders who fill this role.


We all say we work well under pressure, and procrastination forces us to do things at the last minute. However, moving goal posts too close to the deadline can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever tips and tricks out there. You can use them to update your online compliance training course even if you are close to the goal. Get an LMS that you can use to make DIY course adjustments. Take a look at your existing online certification course and optimize it if necessary. Develop new rules using context simulations. Develop infographics to summarize these uses. These simple steps will help you stay in line and get it done on time.

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