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The Way forward for Work Information: Immersive Studying Advantages [eBook]

The Future of Work: Dealing with Post-COVID Challenges with Immersive Learning

New technologies offer you the opportunity to enable practical experience from a distance and to close gaps on site. As many organizations gradually switched to online training prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 accelerated their strategies. How do you prepare them for new challenges and teach them important skills they need for long-term success? With this eBook you can prepare your team for the future of working in a post-COVID world.

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Future of Work Guide: Why More Companies Are Discovering the Benefits of Immersive Learning

Discover how to charge your learning programs with cutting edge technology and take advantage of immersive learning!

Why immersion is key to unlocking employee potential

Employees often need hands-on experience to learn the ropes and minimize risks. However, many companies have switched to a remote working model, which means that it is even more difficult to obtain empirical knowledge. Fortunately, extensive online learning resources provide opportunities for employees to make mistakes, reflect on personal performance, and build confidence. For example, you can use simulations and scenarios to understand why customer service skills are so important and how time can be reduced. In short, immersive learning allows them to explore different perspectives and approaches to find out what works best.

About this eBook

How do you integrate immersive learning into your existing training strategy? What software do you need to start an online interactive training program? What is the difference between personal role play and virtual simulations? This eBook answers all of these questions and more so you can employ a comprehensive learning strategy that encourages practice. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in it:

  • The future of remote work
  • What is immersive learning?
  • The tools of immersive learning
  • Virtual Reality Simulation Vs. Live RPG
  • The business case for immersive learning
  • Customer Success Story
  • What to look for in a learning partner

Are you ready for the future of work?

Download the Guide to the Future of Work: Why More Companies Are Discovering the Benefits of Immersive Learning to find out how to fill performance gaps and prepare your team for the new normal!

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