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The place To Journey This 12 months?-10 Greatest Journey Locations Round The World

Where To Travel This Year?

Each traveler’s bucket list is special, representing personal interests and aspirations, but we believe that the following destinations are those that any traveler should try to visit at least once in their lifetime. These bucket list travel destinations are stunning, eye-opening, and jaw-dropping. It’s time to get excited about your next vacation.

10 Bucket List Travel Destinations Around The World. 

1: Skulls Church Poland

Fans of horror tourism love it, noting that there is no mistake in the address. This is the Church of the Skulls, and it is not the only one of its kind, but in Europe, there are about five other churches in which the skulls constitute an essential architectural element! The marvelous and terrifying church is located in the city of Kudowa, southwest of Poland, on the Czech border and 140 kilometers from the capital Prague.

interior featuring human bones and remains on walls and ceiling

It dates back to 1776 by the Rev. Vaclav Tomasek. This small church, simple in construction, is a collective grave of thousands of skulls and skeletal remains distributed across its inner walls, on the floor, and the roof.

As for the owners of skulls and skeletons, they are among the victims of the “war of the 30 years” that raged in central Europe between 1618 and 1648, as well as the three “Silesian wars” (1740-1742; 1744 – 1745, 1756 – 1763) that took place between Russia and Austria for control of the Silesian region. Besides the victims of plague, typhoid, cholera, and hunger.

Chapel of SkullsChapel of Skulls

The walls of the church are filled with 3,000 skulls, along with the bones of 21,000 others in the crypt, collected over 18 years. The skulls of those who built the church are found in the heart of the church and on the altar. Unfortunately, however, visitors are not permitted to take pictures inside the church.

2: Island of the Dolls, Mexico

It is located at the Xochimilco canals, 17 miles south of Mexico City. The authorities discovered the island in the nineties when the local council sought to clear the surrounding canals so that the workers discovered the island and the dolls, and from that moment on it turned into a tourist attraction.

Island of the Dolls3Island of the Dolls

This island has achieved good fame in the world of the Internet, thanks to the hundreds of dolls hanging on trees and in various parts of the small island. The island appeared in many programs and channels concerned with adventures and strange stories. The biggest excitement, however, comes from the well-known story about the origins of these dolls. 

The story revolves around Julian Santa Barrera who was the owner of the island. One day a group of sisters descended on one of the canals and the strong wave swept one of them until Julian was surprised that she drowned in front of him, but by the moment he reached her she was dead. Next door he found a doll that he assumed belonged to the girl, so he hung it on a tree as a sign of respect for the drowned child. 

Island of the Dolls, MexicoIsland of the Dolls, Mexico

It is said that after the accident, Julian was never the same, he began to hear whispers, footsteps and cries at night, and from day to day, he found a doll in the same place where the girl drowned. Over the next 50 years, Julian spent time collecting and hanging dolls around the island.

2001. Julian passed away and is said to have been found drowning in the same spot where the little girl drowned. The cause of his death is still unknown. Residents of the surrounding islands complain of hearing strange whispers from the dolls as they sailboats near the deserted island.

3: Kusatsu, Japan

One of the famous hot springs in Japan, it features large quantities of warm water. Kusatsu has 6 main springs, along with about 100 other smaller springs. Its water is said to cure physical ailments, and even from the sickness of love!

Kusatsu Yubatake Hot SpringsKusatsu Hot Springs

The Kusatsu Resort is located in Gunma Prefecture and is 1,200 meters above the ground, and its visitors can enjoy skiing in the winter, climbing mountains in the rest of the year, as well as bathing in the warm spring water of course. The area also features many traditional Japanese lodges made of wood, creating a special experience that is difficult to replicate.

From Tokyo, Kusatsu can be reached by road via private cars, buses, or express trains, and the journey usually ranges between 3 and 4 hours.

4: Heimaey, Iceland

It is the largest island of the (Vestmannaeyjar) Westman Archipelago, or what is known as the Western Islands, located off the southern coast of Iceland with a distance of approximately 7.4 km, and the only inhabited among the archipelago’s 15 islands. As with the rest of Iceland, the region is volcanically active. 

Heimaey IcelandHeimaey Iceland

Because the islands were formed as a result of volcanic activity that flares up from time to time, exciting rock formations abound, but the most famous of them remains an attraction for tourists, the “elephant rock” which resembles the head of a huge elephant whose trunk plunges half of its trunk in the water as if it was quenching its thirst with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean!

Even today, many find it hard to believe that this huge elephant’s head formed quite naturally. The funny thing is that no evidence in Iceland indicates that an elephant set foot in this country before!

When visiting “Elephant Rock”, you can also enjoy a tour inside the nearby Eldemar Volcano Museum, and learn more about the latest facts of a volcanic eruption on the island in 1973.

Elephant Rock a natural rock formation - Bucket List Travel DestinationsElephant Rock a natural rock formation

The rock formations, on top of which are “Elephant Rock”, are the main attraction for visitors to the island, especially those interested in geology, as well as the annual national festival that attracts thousands, and its celebration began in 1874.

Concerning transportation, it is possible to move from the main part of Iceland to the island using boats, and the journey usually takes about 3 hours, or by air through Vestmannaeyjar Airport, in a trip that does not exceed half an hour, if it departs from the capital, Reykjavik.

5: Lucerne, Switzerland

An icon of natural beauty located in the heart of Switzerland, overlooking Lake Lucerne and the River Reus, surrounded by the majestic Alps. Lucerne, dating back to the early 8th century, played a pivotal role in the unification of Switzerland. Despite its limited space, Lucerne abounds with many activities and attractions that a visitor will not be bored with.

lucerne - Bucket List Travel DestinationsLucerne, Switzerland

The fun begins with a tour of Mt Titlis, inside a revolving cable car (similar to a cable car), during which you enjoy the scenery of the snow-covered charming Alps. You can also tour a luxury yacht to admire the green hills and the sparkling blue waters of the lake, and the luxurious villas stacked on their sides until you reach the historic Meggenhorn Castle, which dates back to 1870, in a journey that takes about an hour.

And if you are afraid to fly and are hydrophobic, no problem. Where you can take the famous “Glacier Express” train, which carries you on a tour through the snowy mountain regions surrounding the city, on a panoramic tour that lasts up to 12 hours, accompanied by a private guide.

Glacier Express - Bucket List Travel DestinationsGlacier Express

You cannot be in Lucerne and miss a visit to the “Dying Lion of Lucerne” monument, one of the city’s most prominent attractions, according to its official website. The monument, carved from the rock, is located inside a small garden, and it was built by Lucas Ahorn in 1821. About 1.4 million people visit it annually, according to the city’s official website. The monument commemorates the Swiss guards who died while protecting the French King Louis XVI of France when revolutionaries overran his palace in August of 1792.

Dying Lion of Lucerne - Bucket List Travel DestinationsDying Lion of Lucerne

And you can easily spend a full day wandering around the Swiss Transport Museum in the city, which is classified by the tourist site “Your Guide”, the first in Switzerland, or enjoy watching films about astronomy and the planet inside the museum.

6: Mount Waw An-Namus – Libya

The officials of the NASA Earth Observatory described it as follows: “When seen from space, a few dormant volcanoes look so strange and wonderful.

Mt Wau en Namus The central cone - Bucket List Travel DestinationsMount Waw An-Namus

It is a dormant volcanic mountain south of central Libya, visible from space thanks to a lake of black Asphalt ash surrounding it extending between 6 and 12 miles around the volcanic crater, in terrible contrast to the surrounding desert. Inside the crater, there are 3 lakes surrounded by small green areas of vegetation.

In the heart of the vast Sahara desert and its arid yellow sand, a black pool of Asphalt volcanic ash emerges clearly from outer space and extends between 6 and 12 miles around the crater of an extinct volcanic mountain two miles wide and 330 feet deep, including 3 sparkling lakes surrounded by mottled areas of green plants such as reeds. And palms and swamp plants. This amazing mixture of black, green, and blue in the heart of the yellow desert is Mount Waw An-Namus, whose origins remain unanswered by many scientific questions about its origins. As the name suggests, the area attracts massive amounts of mosquitoes, so visitors should take all possible precautions to protect themselves from mosquito repellent tents and other repellent materials.

Wau en Namus Vegetation surrounding one of the lakes at Waw an Namus 1Wau a Namus Vegetation surrounding one of the lakes at Waw a Namus

The mountain is located about 250 miles from the oasis of Sabha, and visits to the region can be organized from major Libyan cities, but the conditions of war caused the number of tours to the mountain to be greatly reduced.

7: Jatayu Earth’s Center (Kollam, Kerala)

Natural park in the Indian state of Kerala. According to the official website of the park, it is built on an area of ​​65 acres in the Jataubara area and is 1,000 feet above sea level. It is characterized by various geographical features, including hills, valleys, rocks, caves, and arable land. Despite its vast area and charming nature, the main feature of the park and the main reason for its popularity is that it includes the largest statue of a bird in the world, made of concrete on top of a huge rock with a height of 200 feet, while its width varies between 150 and 70 feet, which earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Worlds Largest Bird Sculpture JatayuWorlds Largest Bird Sculpture Jatayu

According to official information, inside the giant bird, there is an area of ​​15 thousand square feet that can be walked in and includes a museum equipped with audio-visual technologies that include five levels. And inside one of the bird’s wings, there is a small multi-dimensional stage. Also, the park includes a “cable car”  to reach the hilltops, and the Rama Temple, which includes statues of mythical creatures. 

There is also the possibility of organizing hour-long walking tours inside a “private safe forest”, while there is the possibility of staying in camps and enjoying the gathering around the fires lit in the park grounds and eating grilled chicken meat to the sound of music. 

Getting to the park is easy, given its location within the hub of tourist activity in South Kerala, just 500 meters from the main hub road, in addition to the closest international airport to it, Trivandrum International Airport, is only 50 kilometers away. 

8: The Black Beaches Of La Palma, Spain  

Yes … you read it correctly, as they are very black beaches as if they were cut from the night. This was caused by volcanic rocks that had broken off into particles and small sand that covered the entire beaches. The island of La Palma in particular is an ideal place to relax due to the lack of movement and noise in it compared to the other six Canary Islands, according to the site «Atlas Obscura». 

The Black Beaches Of La Palma Spain - Bucket List Travel DestinationsThe Black Beaches Of La Palma Spain

Palma and other nearby islands are the results of millions of years of volcanic eruption, which is the source of the black color of its shores. The main feature of these shimmering black sand over the familiar yellow ones lies in the fact that the first: «It absorbs heat much better than the other light-colored, and therefore these beaches are characterized by a much greater degree of warmth, which is comfortable for visitors even in low temperatures. 

The official La Palma website recommends that visitors to the island go to the beaches of Puerto Tazacorte and Puerto Naos, on the island’s west coast, where the sun shines for hours longer. It should be noted that direct flights to the island are few and far between, which is intended to protect the island from the influx of huge numbers of tourists that may damage its ecosystem. 

The black sandy beaches on La Palma are just spectacular 1

Atlas Obscura warns that the black sands of La Palma are often steeper than usual, and thus may cause discomfort if they enter the folds of clothes, so attention must be paid to this matter. However, despite its dark color, this sand is completely clean and does not cause stains. ” And while you are here, you should in no way miss a visit to the Los Tilos forest, which UNESCO declared an ecological reserve, with its dense, broad-leafed trees whose existence dates back millions of years. 

9: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

It is famous for the Angkor Wat temple, but in fact, it is a huge temple complex in Cambodia, and it is considered the largest religious monument in the world. Founded by King Sarfarman II in the early 12th century, Angkor Wat is widely revered as the ultimate embodiment of the genius of Khmer architecture for its grandeur and meticulous detail. The temple is located in the city of Angkor, classified by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites.

angkor wat templeAngkor Wat Temple

The temple covers an area of ​​approximately 400 square kilometers. It is estimated that 5 million stones have been constructed, some of which weigh 3,300 pounds (1,500 kilograms). The huge stones from which it was constructed have remained a mystery for centuries, to the point that the locals spread among them a myth that the temple was built by gods or giant non-human beings.

It was only in 2012 that scientists were able to probe its depths, a group of researchers from Waseda University in Japan concluded that the enormous stones made of sandstone were transported to the site from the base of a nearby mountain through a network of hundreds of water channels.

Angkor Wat Temple, CambodiaAngkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

As for the prices of tickets to enter the temple, they range between 59 dollars (valid for a day) and 103 dollars (valid for 7 days). The number of visitors to the temple last year was estimated at 2.6 million people. The nearest airport is Suvarnabhumi International, which is 9 hours and 20 minutes away from the site. Visitors should adhere to modest clothing that covers the knees and shoulders.

10: Apostle Islands (Wisconsin, USA)

apostle islands boat tour - Bucket List Travel Destinationsapostle islands boat tour

At the northernmost tip of Wisconsin is the US Apostle Islands National Park made up of 21 rugged, grassy islands dotted on the surface of Lake Superior. With its dense forests, steep paths, and deep caves, the park does not have any facilities to be mentioned, yet it is well known by adventurers who go to local tourism companies on seasonal boat tours around the islands, with the experience of kayaking. The 21 islands, 12 miles from the mainland coast, contain a unique mixture of various diverse cultural and natural resources, while Abusel Islands National Park includes many lighthouses, towers, and hundreds of species of birds.

Fish Camp Apostle Islands - Bucket List Travel DestinationsFish Camp Apostle Islands

 Among the important islands to stop at is Bayfield Island, which is a vibrant tourist resort with mountain paths and old Victorian buildings. So is Madeline Island, whose appeal lies in being one of the top destinations for day trips by ferries, home to the local state park, and one of the quietest spots for campers. Here, visitors can do a variety of activities, from walking or kayaking to sailing, to enjoy the water-rock formations and sunken shipwrecks. Knowing that there are camping opportunities on 19 of the 21 islands, in addition to one camping site on the mainland, allows hiking within the park through more than 50 miles of paths that lead to lighthouses, ancient farm sites, and more. 

Which must-see travel destination is on your bucket list to visit?

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10 Bucket List Travel Destinations Around The World

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