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The Greatest Romantic Weekend Getaways in Arizona

Have you considered a romantic weekend getaway in Arizona? While Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for treating both you and your significant other with a romantic getaway, there is no need to wait until February to go on a romantic weekend getaway. 

As the best time to visit Southern Arizona is in winter, with the desert being in full bloom, you can take full advantage of all outdoor adventures already in January or during the winter holiday season. Avoiding thunderstorms in the desert in August and September, you can also plan your romantic getaway to Northern Arizona in spring and autumn, when temperatures are cool in the mountains, and stay in a cabin near the Hawley Lake on the White Mountains. 

Hold on, as we are going to uncover the best Arizona vacation spots for a romantic weekend getaway. Arizona romantic getaway ideas do not end at Grand Canyon, though — there is so much more to discover, starting from adventurous horseback riding, to resort and spa experiences, and passing time in luxury tennis courts or art galleries.

Best Romantic City Breaks

One of the most romantic getaway ideas for those willing to explore a new city, visit galleries and museums, and do some shopping, is to take a romantic city break. Arizona offers a range of cities suited for different interests and budgets, but all encompass some romantic weekend getaway options.

Treat Yourself with a Romantic Hotel Stay in Phoenix

Phoenix offers not only an escape from cold weather in winter — it is also a great place for golfers and offers some of the best Arizona resorts for couples. Treat yourself to choosing among some of the most romantic hotels in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of the best resorts in Arizona for couples are found in Phoenix and include not only guest rooms but also spa offers.

After a relaxing day at the spa, make sure to visit some of the most notable Phoenix landmarks, such as the Phoenix Art Museum, the Musical Instrument Museum, and the Desert Botanical Garden, and make sure to also take time to walk through Historic Heritage Square.

Phoenix is a great base to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area, taking day trips to the Grand Canyon or the Petrified Forest National Park.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Go to Sedona Desert Town

Sedona, Arizona is a great place for those taking a road trip, and seeking to discover Arizona day by day. Located right in the middle between Phoenix and Grand Canyon South Rim, it’s a perfect place to spend a day enjoying off-road adventures and visiting the small art galleries and shops on the main road. You can also learn about the red rock country geology, human history In the Verde Valley area, or embark on a trolley ride to Chapel of the Holy Cross, Boynton Canyon, or Bell Rock for dramatic pictures and some of the best memories. Sedona desert town is a great escape and tops our list as some of the best places for a staycation in Arizona. You and your partner can unwind from city life here.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Dive into the Multicultural Heritage in Tucson’s Art Galleries and Museums

Just like Sedona, Tucson tops our list of weekend getaway vacation spots in Arizona, as you can unplug from the daily news and activities, and give all your attention to your loved one, enjoying Arizona’s open-air museums, gardens, national parks, and forests.

Tucson’s Sonoran Desert is known for its epic sunsets, followed by dark skies and desert constellations.  Book a  romantic Arizona couples resort, take a blanket, and wait for the sun to set – you will be amazed by the natural beauty of the desert.  And as a romantic getaway in Arizona could not get any better, Tucson has also been designed by UNESCO as a City of Gastronomy. Make sure you try tasting the sun-dried carne seca, meat preserved in traditional technique native to desert peoples.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Stay in Tombstone, an Old West Town

Are you willing to take on an Old West adventure? Visit and stay for a weekend in Tombstone, Arizona, and enjoy your life as in the old Western-style movie. Go to the Rose Tree Museum and Bookstore telling the story of the Robertson-Macia family for more than six generations and homing the world’s largest rose tree, or learn about the mining boom of the nineteenth century by taking a Good Enough Mine Tour. If you have more time left, go on a guided right tour to Bird Cage Theatre, one of the most legendary theatres between San Francisco and New Orleans during the silver boom.

Best Nature Retreats

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Visit Red Rock State Park

Vacation spots Arizona has to offer are essentially endless – in any of the districts you can find either breathtaking nature views, buzzing city scenes, or great adventure opportunities offered to couples. And the Red Rock State Park is no exception — with more than 280-acre land, this nature preserve houses abundant wildlife, red rock formations and Oak Creek. If you want an all-in holiday, there is no better place than to take a romantic getaway in Arizona to visit Red Rock State Park. Here, you can hike the trails, or rent bikes to explore the diversity of the landscape better.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Visit Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyon (also known as Spiral Rock Arches) tour is a once-in-a-lifetime world-famous experience that will allow you to see the geology from a new standpoint. Formed over hundreds of years by water that ran through the sandstone, this canyon gets its name from local Navajo stories of antelopes that grazed along the canyon in the wintertime. While you are unlikely to see antelopes these days, you can dive into the surreal tour with your partner during the summer season, when light beams enter the Upper Antelope Canyon creating more explicit colors. Look for romantic hotels in Arizona near Antelope Canyon from March through October.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Go Camping to Hawley Lake

Get lost in the Monument Valley with your partner staying in romantic Arizona hotels and cabins. Being the coldest lake in Arizona, this retreat will allow for a long-waited refreshment in the middle of summer, so you can both cuddle in the cabin and go on boat adventures in the lake.  Camping, glamping, or staying in a tiny house in the woods, anyone?

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Visit Havasu Falls

Romantic weekend getaways can’t get any better than re-discovering long-forgotten places together. Havasu Falls requires you to stay around for at least two nights, so plan in your all weekend. There is a lot to see and do in the Havasu Canyon, from cliff jumping to swimming in the Falls, to visiting the nearby Supai Indian village. The best time to visit the Fall is in early spring or late autumn, but beware that you will need to get a permit from the Havasupai Tribe for access. Make sure you get the reservation by being there the first — the season dates go live on February 1 at 8am .

Best Adventure Getaways

John Steinbeck once said that “a journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” So hop into an adventure! From spa resorts, luxurious hotels, and nights spent in top-notch restaurants, beautiful guest rooms, and private pool parties, switch to romantic outdoor getaways for a trip well-remembered. Cuddlynest gives tips on how you two can enjoy your time in the mountain and desert areas of Arizona.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Climb the Camelback Mountain

With an elevation of 2704 feet, Camelback Mountain is an excellent hike or climb in Arizona. This natural wonder leaves no room for laziness – it is a fairly hard hike of 2-and-a-half hours, but once there, you can enjoy great views of nearby Phoenix. If you want to take an easier way, take the Cholla Trail, so you can park very close to the top of Camelback Mountain.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Take a Horseback Riding Lesson to Feel like a Cowboy

Horseback riding in Arizona for two is a great experience to free yourself from the routine and get wild in the desert. Various ranches in Arizona offer this outdoor adventure for couples or families and enjoy your weekend getaway in a Rancho.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Go to Jerome Ghost Town

Being even more adventurous explorers, you can take a road trip to Jerome, a ghost town that was abandoned in the aftermath of World War II when the demand for copper decreased dramatically. Once having one of the largest mines in the world, today, the town has a population of 50 to 100 people. Yet, it is a great weekend getaway for those willing to spend their night watching the sunset over Sedona’s red rocks, Flagstaff’s the San Francisco Peaks, and eastern Arizona’s Mogollon Rim country.  You are unlikely to find a luxury resort here, but the town offers a long-forgotten breath of history to cure your longing for the past.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Go Boating to Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead visitors can enjoy a variety of water recreation activities, most notably fishing. If you wish to catch some adventure spirit, go water skiing, kayaking, and canoeing.  Camping or staying in a cabin will be a great adventure perfectly suited for one of the romantic getaways.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Another great way to ignite a flame in your relationship — and this time, quite literally so – is to book a  hot air balloon ride. Rising up the desert during the sunset hours when everything is colored brightly red is a phenomenal experience like no other. You can also plan your weekend vacation in Arizona around January when the Arizona Hot Air Balloon Classic race and festival takes place.

The Best Spa Resorts in Arizona

While adventurous and nature-oriented romantic getaways might be great options for some couples, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to the perfect vacation. A health and wellness vacation might be the best staycation in Arizona for those whom Arizona is home,  while couples traveling to Arizona for the weekend will enjoy the hotel spa and romance package offers nevertheless.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Stay in Scottsdale to Enjoy some Luxury Lifestyle

Scottsdale, Arizona offers a variety of luxury vacation experiences. Enjoy the resort spa experience, spend your night in fine-dining restaurants, and book Scottsdale hotel rooms with a private pool. Encounter great artisans’ works by visiting Scottsdale fine art galleries, and shop for the latest trends in Scottsdale Fashion Square.

The Best Culture and Arts Spots

Arts and culture are grand in Arizona. While the Phoenix Art Museum hosts world-class exhibitions, Tucson, Scottsdale, and other cities offer great cultural experiences, not even mentioning the wide variety of arts and crafts you can see visiting native Indian villages.

Visit Cosanti, Arizona

Cosanti is the gallery and studio of Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri, which was also his residence until his death in 2013. Today, the gallery exhibits bronze and ceramic wind bells, bowls, and planters for sale. More than a store, however, you will be inspired by the mind-blowing terraced landscaping and experimental concrete structures of the house.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Visit Ancient Native American Ruins

No matter if these are mountain or desert regions that you both have decided to visit on your romantic getaway, including one (or more!) Ancient Native American ruins on your travel plan are, if not necessary, then highly recommended. As Arizona remains the state with the highest percentage of Native Americans in the U.S., and one-quarter of the state is reservation land, there is no better place to learn about the native Indians. Pueblo Grande Museum housing the remains of Hohokam culture, a civilization that first put irrigation systems in place, it is a great place to visit if you are based in Phoenix.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Explore Tumacacori National Historical Park

Go on a historical treasure hunt and discover the ruins of three Spanish mission communities from the first Spanish Jesuit missions in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

romantic weekend getaways in arizona

Shop for Art in Tubac

Tubac, Arizona is a unique village known as a center of art and history. Bringing together national and local artists, it is a truly special location where you and your loved one can explore art galleries, go on wine tasting tours. It is especially a must-visit if you are vacationing in Tucson (45 minutes ride away).

Romantic Hotels in Arizona

Now that you have made through the 18 romantic Arizona getaway ideas, see the best romantic hotels and vacation homes in Arizona on CuddlyNest.

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