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Lofoten Islands Excursions | Weekend Information To The Lofoten Islands

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Are The Lofoten Islands Worth Visiting?

Norway’s Lofoten Islands are one of the world’s most attractive destinations for excursions, home to amazing fjords, beautiful beaches, amazing fishing villages, and this beautiful place is becoming increasingly popular. to nature lovers.

The Lofoten Islands are unquestionably worth visiting and the ideal place to spend a weekend in Norway.

The Climate In Lofoten Islands

Located in the Arctic Circle of the Arctic in the Kingdom of Norway, 63 km from the Norwegian city of Svolvær

(SVJ, Svolvær) Also the closest airport to Lofoten islands Norway), however, the climate is temperate, the average temperature is 12 degrees in the summer, and -1 in the winter. The archipelago is characterized by steep mountains with sharp peaks standing between deep fjords and stormy seas. 

The geographical location of the Lofoten archipelago earns a major advantage, which is to turn it into an ideal destination not only to experience the northern lights between September and April but also to enjoy the midnight sun in June and July, just remember to bring an eye mask in the summer as the constant light can cause difficulty in sleep.

Lofoten Islands Excursions Lofoten Fishermans Village

How To Get To Lofoten Islands From Tromsø

If you intend to visit these islands, you have more than one way to reach them, either by boat, steamer, or car, and here is the following table that will help you on how to travel to the Lofoten Islands.

 Although the Lofoten Islands are remote, there are many ways to reach them, starting with, direct flights from all major Norwegian cities, Bodo Airport, Harstad/Narvik Airport, and Svolvær Airport

Can small towns have a skyline Svolvaer on Lofoten islands in Norway has oneCan small towns have a skyline Svolvaer on Lofoten islands in Norway has one

When you arrive at Tromsø Airport, rent a car to the city center and this city is your first gateway to the North Pole. We recommend that you take a cable car tour to Mount Storstenen, and you can stay at the Thon Hotel Lofoten.

Have breakfast at the hotel before you head to the Lofoten Islands (Lofoten Islands Photography Tour), and enjoy the beauty of nature in the  Vesterålen, then head to Sortland and take the ferry to the Lofoten Islands.


Tourist Activities – Lofoten Islands Excursions

Swimming is the most wonderful thing you can do in Norway, where you find many wonderful picturesque islands with their clear blue water. There are many islands, and the most famous of them is the Lofoten Islands. It is already characterized by a milder climate than other polar regions. You can also find a number of the most exciting beaches in Norway, where you can swim, ride a boat or practice water sports such as surfing.

Haukland Beach at the Lofoten with beautiful and clear waterHaukland Beach at the Lofoten with beautiful and clear water

And one of the most famous islands there is the island of Vestvågøy, which is known as the heart of the rest of the islands. It is also home to many beaches as Haukland Beach on the north side is characterized by its crystal blue waters and white sand.

Unstad is a tiny village located in a valley behind the mountains facing the Norwegian sea. The only way to get there is through a tunnel.

The village is famous for its unique surfing conditions. Surfers from all around the world come here to ride the waves and also to compete in the northernmost surfing competition called Lofoten Masters, which is held here. By the way, there are no free camping spots at least not close to the sea.

Kvalvika Beach Moskenes NorwayKvalvika Beach Moskenes Norway

Then comes the scenic island of Uttakleiv, which has become one of the most photographed places in the Lofoten region. On the island of Moskenes, you will find Kvalvika Beach, a wonderful beach surrounded by towering mountains. Therefore, Lofoten is one of the most famous surfing sites in the world, so do not miss the opportunity to visit it and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Lofoten Island has many mountains with high peaks for lovers of excitement and adventure, in addition to having low-rise peaks that are suitable for all family members, there certainly can reach your adrenaline to the highest point. You can start easily with the summit of Ånnhammeren, which is not more than 10 meters high, but it is a natural landmark and a great viewing point, where you reach it by following a path of 1.5 km long.

Svolvaer IslandSvolvaer Island

Or you can go to the summit of Værøy to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view at an altitude of 400 meters. Many ways take you towards the lakes, where you can take a wonderful trip on a boat and enjoy the beauty of nature around you, and the official website of Lofoten provides many suggestions for hiking and windsurfing.

People living in Lofoten since ancient times have relied mainly on fishing and seafood, so it is no wonder that the local cuisine to this day in Lofoten restaurants is based on serving fish caught directly from the island. If you would like to taste some of the fish dishes, you can go to the Borsen Spiseri restaurant, which has existed since 1828, or the Gammelbua restaurant, and you will get an authentic and distinctive taste of traditional Norwegian food, as you can buy from shops and take your delicious meal and eat it while wandering amidst the scenic landscape in Lofoten.

Lofotr Viking MuseumLofotr Viking Museum

The Lofoten Islands played a very important role in the Norwegian Viking culture and perhaps the best proof of this is the Lofotr Viking Museum, it is one of the best Viking-related experiences you can have in Norway. This museum includes a large collection of ancient historical relics dating back to the Viking era.

It also includes the largest ancient historic house built in the Viking Age in Lofoten, and you can also enter the Vikings Hall that was built near the museum as well as other reconstructed areas, including a Viking boat. The museum also displays to visitors from foreign tourists and visitors to Lofoten artifacts extracted by the Norwegians from Viking burials, and visitors also enjoy seeing and discovering many models of jewelry, textiles, military tools, household pieces, and weapons.

Henningsvaer Islands Lofoten Stadium

One of the most famous tourist attractions and one of the most spectacular football fields in the world, located between the rocks on one of the islands.

Henningsvaer Islands Lofoten StadiumHenningsvaer Islands Lofoten Stadium

As per the signboard in the corner of the field, this is Lofoten’s oldest rock, the rock has been tested by geologists and dated to the age of 2850 million years.

Can You See Northern Lights in Lofoten Islands?

Lofoten is located directly below the aurora, a belt of light that surrounds geomagnetic pylons and offers some of the greatest opportunities to see the aurora borealis. Lofoten Islands beaches are one of Norway’s top sites to capture the Northern Lights, such as Unstad beach, Uttakleiv beach, Haukland beach. 

Aurora Borealis over Lofoten Hamnoy IslandAurora Borealis over Lofoten Hamnoy Island

Tips Before Traveling To The Lofoten Islands.

The Lofoten Islands in Norway are one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, home to exciting fjords, scenic beaches, and great fishing towns, and while this charming destination is growing in popularity among tourists who love harmony with nature, this region is still home to pristine landscapes. The friendly locals.

Watch Out For Avalanches

Many experts stress the need to guard against avalanches when enjoying hiking in Lofoten. Sometimes walking or skiing in this charming destination is one of the things that need to be well planned before doing, as the snow-capped mountains are very steep and prone to avalanches.

Indeed, the safest options are to always go on an organized excursion or take a ski trip with an experienced local guide, familiar with local conditions and the best safe times for these activities.

Leknes Norway Vestvagoy Famous Rorbuer cabins of the Lofoten IslandsLeknes Norway Vestvagoy Famous Rorbuer cabins of the Lofoten Islands

How Much Time Can You Spend in Lofoten?

There is a lot to see and do in Lofoten, including hiking, whale watching, sightseeing, Northern Lights photography, biking, kayaking, diving, fishing, as well as skiing, so you better have the time to enjoy those Fun experiences.

And spending at least a week in Lofoten during a trip in Norway is an ideal opportunity to discover the splendor of charming places, and harmony with the incomparable beautiful nature.

Learn Some Norwegian

Although you don’t need to be fluent in Norwegian, knowing a few words and phrases in the local language can help you a lot, as this is appreciated by the locals, who also speak good English.

View over the small island Sakrisoya situated at the foot of the Olstind mountain peakMoskenes View over the small island Sakrisoya situated at the foot of the Olstind mountain peak

Learn About The Seasons

The first thing to consider when planning a visit to the Lofoten Islands is what season you would prefer to visit, as both conditions and landscapes will change dramatically throughout the year, and access can be limited on winter days.

While summer is the most popular season to visit Lofoten, more travelers are choosing to plan their visit outside of these months, and the important thing is to keep in mind the appropriateness of your clothes to suit the different seasons, as well as the changing weather throughout the day.

View from Lofotr Viking MuseumView from Lofotr Viking Museum

During the winter, you need to bring heavy winter clothing, and enough extra pair of socks, and it is also wise to bring appropriate clothing during spring and fall when the weather changes quickly.

Popular Places Can Be Crowded

Beaches like Kavalvika, and Unstad are often crowded during peak months, and even during low seasons, these places are more popular and often visited by groups of tourists, so if you are visiting Lofoten intending to photograph these places, make sure you visit them during sunrise or sunset hours when there are fewer visitors.

And you can stay near these popular places by getting to know the best Lofoten hotels through

Tourist Activities Lofoten Islands ExcursionsLofoten Islands Excursions

Best Things To Do In Lofoten In Winter

Since you only have a few hours of light during the winter, you should know in advance the best places to visit in the Lofoten Islands. Perhaps some of the main islands that you can visit in Lofoten are Moskenesøya and Vestvoia, located in the south of the archipelago where you will find the main attractions, and that is The reason why visiting these islands is the first thing you have to do in Lofoten in winter.

Accommodation In Lofoten Islands Norway


Public Transportation In The Lofoten Islands

Although buses are running all over the Lofoten Islands, public transportation is not ideal, and visiting beaches or popular villages often requires multiple buses and sometimes a long wait, so renting a car may be the best option for visitors.

Transportation In The Lofoten Islands

If you don’t plan to rent a car when visiting Lofoten, consider signing up for guided tours that will take you to the most beautiful tourist destinations.

The Lofoten Islands are characterized by their attractive climate, wonderful atmosphere, and scenic landscapes, so they are one of the best places that we advise you to visit in Norway, as they combine beautiful scenery and picturesque nature in addition to ancient cultural history. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it during your next vacation.

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Your Weekend Guide To The Lofoten Islands Norway

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