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Lufthansa Flies 76,000 Individuals From Frankfurt Airport on First Trip Weekend

Start of the summer vacation in Hessen: Lufthansa recommends arriving at the airport in good time.

  • With 192 destinations, the airline is offering even more destinations from Frankfurt this summer.
  • Lufthansa offers more than 1,800 weekly connections, 55 percent of the connections from pre-Corona times.
  • A comprehensive hygiene protection concept that the Lufthansa Group introduced at the beginning of the pandemic continues to ensure safe flying.

Vacation start in Hessen: 76,000 people start their vacation with Lufthansa from Frankfurt Airport on the first vacation weekend. With 192 destinations, the airline offers even more flight destinations from Frankfurt than in summer 2019 and with more than 1,800 weekly connections, 55 percent of connections from pre-Corona times, and the trend is rising. At the same time, many countries continue to require additional documents such as test or vaccination certificates. For this reason, Lufthansa recommends that its passengers find out more in advance and arrive at the airport in good time.

If you are afraid of not having the correct certificates for your trip, you can have them checked by a Lufthansa Service Center on selected flights up to 72 hours before departure. This may include evidence of tests, past COVID-19 illness, and vaccinations. Confirmations of digital entry applications can also be checked. This ensures in advance that the required documents are available. Lufthansa recommends that its guests keep the original printouts with them on the trip in addition to the digital proof.

You can find out which documents are required and where COVID-19 tests can be carried out for the return journey on the Lufthansa website. For the return journey to Germany, antigen self-tests are now also accepted using the video identification process and can also be purchased online.

For a relaxed journey, Lufthansa recommends the various online services for check-in and baggage drop-off. At Frankfurt Airport, passengers can check in their luggage free of charge at the existing passageway from now until the end of their vacation. This can be done comfortably from 23 to two hours before departure, if necessary also directly combined with a drive-through COVID test.

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