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TeacherMade PRO Now Accessible For Colleges- eLearning Trade

Jacksonville, Florida –– TeacherMade, the online platform for creating interactive digital worksheets for students, is now available in a PRO edition. The PRO edition is available for orders from schools and districts as well as for individual teacher subscriptions.

TeacherMade was the breakout hit of the 2020/21 school year with more than 3 million activities created by teachers on the platform. To date, TeacherMade has only been available as free software for individual teachers. Today, with the introduction of TeacherMade PRO, the company added an affordable premium edition of the software while also committed to keeping the free version of TeacherMade unchanged and free for everyone.

To create an interactive digital worksheet in TeacherMade, simply upload any image or PDF to TeacherMade using a web browser. Next, drag and drop interactive questions and multimedia over them using the TeacherMade Editor. The result is an interactive digital worksheet that can be sent to students via a link or through student learning management systems such as Google Classroom.

All question types in TeacherMade – with the exception of detailed written answers – can be graded automatically, saving hours of teaching time every day.

TeacherMade PRO adds dozens of powerful upgrades, including time-saving features for teachers, integrations with popular learning management systems, and multimedia including video, audio, and hyperlinks.

TeacherMade PRO is now available as an annual school and district subscription at a flat rate of $ 1.11 x total enrollment per year or $ 49 per teacher, whichever is lower. Schools and counties can get an online listing, and individual teachers can purchase an individual subscription from the TeacherMade website.

Keeping teaching technology affordable is a priority for TeacherMade CEO Laura Bresko. “When teachers were asked to step in during the Covid-19 bans, TeacherMade was there for them with a free tool that helped them overcome some of the biggest challenges they faced. Next year teachers and school administrators will be asked to prepare students for a future that is even more digital than we imagined 18 months ago. TeacherMade will also support them in this mission at an affordable price, ”she said.

Bresko also expects TeacherMade PRO to be an indispensable tool for teachers this fall, when most students will be back in person full-time. “We saw a steady increase in the number of teachers and students using TeacherMade over the past school year, including in the spring when schools switched back to face-to-face teaching. This tells me that the benefits of digital learning go well beyond distance learning and what we are seeing is a permanent transition to digital teaching. I expect TeacherMade to continue to be teachers’ preferred tool for classroom activities in the next school year because you can do so much more with TeacherMade interactivity than with a sheet of paper, ”said Bresko.

The full list of TeacherMade PRO features can be found on the company’s website.

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