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Taiwan’s new Commuter Prepare has just a little contact of Germany with TUV Rheinland

Pregnant women in Taiwan can use the Pink Light Transmitter to trigger the lights and remind a non-priority occupant to vacate their seat. This is what the service provider said, the most beautiful train in Taiwan.

  1. The first train left on April 1st and each train will increase capacity by about 40%.
  2. The Taiwanese Railways Administration’s new EMU 900 series trains have undergone extensive testing and testing since arriving from Korea on October 24th last year.
  3. You have now passed TÜV Rheinland’s safety review process to ensure that every aspect of your performance meets the requirements for safe operation.

In Taiwan, the new WWU has accessibility features such as the Pink Light Receiver for priority seats.

Pregnant women can use the Pink Light Transmitter to trigger the light and non-priority reminding an occupant to vacate their seat.

Other features include self-adjusting cabin lighting, an area suitable for the disabled, a wireless emergency intercom system for contacting the driver and an extended bicycle storage room. The passenger seats were also designed, developed and manufactured by a local company before being shipped to Korea for installation in containers. On-board devices such as the 500-liter water tank and pressure devices that supply the washrooms, the vacuum septic tank for the toilets and the hygiene equipment were also purchased on site.

The first two trains were designated as EMU 901 and EMU 902. Each EMU 900 train will consist of 10 cars, including 5 motor vehicles and 5 trailers. This makes it the longest of all fixed-configuration commuter EMUs currently operating in Taiwan. The cabs at both ends of each train are designed to be fall-proof, while the critical equipment has undergone a series of safety and functional check procedures to ensure the optimal combination of reliability, safety, and operational and maintenance performance.

TÜV Rheinland Taiwan has ISO / IEC 17020 accreditation from the TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) for the verification of rail systems by third parties in Taiwan. Localized services can be provided in a timely manner by a highly qualified team of local experts who have been involved in the certification of numerous railway projects that have already started. In addition to the EMU 900, the TRA is also offered verification and validation services for the EMU 3000 intercity train (Hitachi), the upgrade of the EMU 500 traction module including the production certificate of the SIV (Static Inverter) power module and access to door modifications. TÜV Rheinland began monitoring the construction of the Taipingshan Forest Railway’s bong bong train for the Luodong Forest District Office in 2020. This project is currently in the manufacturing phase and the completed trains that have passed the factory tests will then be delivered to the Taipingshan Forest Railway for the main test run by the end of 2021.

The certification projects for railway equipment completed by TÜV Rheinland in the past included turnouts, rails, self-steering bogies and programmable logic controllers (PLC) for the high-speed rail signaling system, train control and monitoring systems (TCMS) and on-board communication systems. In response to Taiwan’s R-Team initiative to achieve domestic production of rail products, TÜV Rheinland recently partnered with relevant local research and development organizations to provide safety, testing and certification services. This included development certification services for Platform Screen Door (PSD) systems, door systems, and pantograph systems.

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