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Supervisor Competencies To Embrace In On-line Coaching

Manager skills that should not be missing in online manager training

Typically, managers start jobs in the lower hierarchy, even if they work in another company. They are then promoted when they have proven themselves and have gained enough experience in the workplace. Even if they have a degree in management or business studies, they start a little further down. As an eLearning developer, your approach to adult learners covers some basic concepts. Whether your online training course appeals to new hires moving into leadership positions or leveling executives, you can help them be better bosses. Here are 5 managerial skills to cover in the online managerial training course.

5 Critical Leadership Skills

1. Effective communication

The funny thing about communicating with adults is that they generally don’t communicate. We talk to our children, spouses, and employees. We talk to colleagues to get our point across so that “their” part of the discussion doesn’t count. As a boss, this can lead to all sorts of problems. Include communication activities that focus on active listening where you actually hear the other person. Train your leadership perspectives to pay attention to tone, body language, pauses, and stress points. It’s not enough just to hear the words, although many bosses don’t even do that.

With such learners, you may need to withdraw and teach them why they should listen. They may come from the background of giving orders rather than working together. Because of this, your content shouldn’t just include public speaking, writing speeches, effective emailing, and conducting a meeting. It should also look at the psychology of listening and corporate empathy.

2. Mentoring skills

It is relatively easy to teach effective listening. You can use audio / video clips and simulations. However, leaders should know how to cultivate “followers”. Mentoring is one of the most important managerial skills that need to be cultivated in online training for executives. You don’t just want your employees to “obey” you. You shouldn’t do what you say just because you’re the boss. This can lead to resentment or worse, indifference. Having a team of subordinates just going through the movements is a management nightmare. It leads to mediocre work.

Instead, you want your team to join your vision, or at least support your brand and leadership style. Bake this into your manager online training. Teach them how to inspire and motivate their team and how to get on board. Show them what makes a good leader and how you can develop these qualities in yourself. Good managers’ case studies can be useful, as can video demo videos of behaviors they can emulate. For example, a team leader who tactfully gives feedback to one of his subordinates who are fighting.

3. Team building

The problem with many managers is that they always look up. They are driven by self-development, how to secure their positions and achieve their goals. The problem is … for a manager to be successful, his / her team must support him / her. The boss can only achieve his goals if his employees do the same. But it’s a minimal effectiveness, high turnover strategy.

The key is to focus on the skills of team building managers so that leaders know how to handle human resources and harness the potential of their subordinates. You need to be able to not only earn employee loyalty and respect, but also find hidden strengths to improve productivity in the workplace. Another important team building skill is understanding how to follow and how to lead. Sometimes managers need to take the back seat and let their employees take the lead. For example, host an event to share their expertise or use their unique talents to lead a project.

4. Calculated risk appetite

How do you teach someone to take risks? Offer some kind of reward system for bold decisions in your manager online training. This builds your risky muscles. Once they get used to doing this in a safe, virtual environment, they test the water in the real world. Another useful tactic is gamification. Even if your corporate learners aren’t gamers, they can learn from the pressure and adrenaline of a timed game. Offer extra points and other rewards in the game for taking a risk. The gameplay doesn’t have to be work-related. It can even be an obstacle course or a treasure hunt based on the physical layout of your office. The winners receive badges, gift certificates or virtual one-on-one meetings with the boss.

There is one caveat, however. You need to make sure they understand the consequences of taking ill-informed risks. For example, develop simulations or branching scenarios that show how incorrect behavior or decisions can lead to negative effects.

5. Conflict resolution

Conflicts come in many forms. From dealing with unhappy customers who want to escalate the situation to disagreements between employees regarding stolen commissions. Managers need to be able to resolve the situation peacefully in order to restore harmony and improve customer loyalty. This managerial competency encompasses a wide range of skills including communication, problem solving, and lateral thinking skills. And of course strong interpersonal skills to deal with social dynamics and to empathize with everyone involved. You can nurture these talents in your manager online training through group collaboration projects, discussions on social media, and even simulations with different personas.


Becoming a manager may seem like the toughest achievement in a career, but being successful as a leader is much more difficult. Help them by incorporating practical, personalized tips into your manager online training course. Train them to say what they mean and listen properly. Turn them into helpful mentors who will pull their juniors up the corporate ladder instead of climbing them themselves. When you use all of these skills, your management class will lead to better bosses around the world.

Competence training is not just for advanced users. In fact, every member of your team can benefit from online training that enhances relevant skills and talents. In our exclusive online directory you will find the right training solutions for executive development for your employees.


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