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Suggestive Promoting On-line Coaching Insider Secrets and techniques

This is how you implement successful online training on suggestive selling

Suggestive sales are often the icing on the cake of the profit margin. Customers are already ready to buy. However, your qualified staff can recommend add-ons that will benefit your bottom line. When done right, it even improves customer loyalty and satisfaction as your team takes the time to find the right complementary products or services for their needs. The caveat is that it has to be subtle, personalized, and real to get the effect you want. Here are 8 Secrets to Implementing a Successful Online Suggestive Selling Training Course.

Inside Secrets To Boosting Profits With Lewd Sales Training

1. Make product knowledge a focus

Employees need to know exactly what products you are offering, how they will benefit the consumer, and why they are a wise investment. Product knowledge should therefore be one of the pillars of your online training for suggestive sales. Your employees can only recommend the right add-ons or upgrades if they know your product line inside out. Provide them with online training tutorials, demos, datasheets, and infographics that shed light on every aspect of your product line. Including real-world uses / benefits and the upselling items associated with each.

2. Use online training simulations to develop the fine art of negotiation

Negotiations can be difficult to master. It takes more than just persuasion. The hands-on experience enables employees to refine their technique and find out what works and what doesn’t. In online training courses, simulations are invaluable tools that allow employees to practice their approach and negotiate virtual sales. Without having to worry about losing loyal customers who are offended or put off by inexperienced upsell pitches.

3. Introduce customer personas to enable targeted recommendations

Employees meet a wide variety of personalities on the sales floor. Hence, they need to be prepared for customers with different backgrounds, buying habits, and needs. Customer personas allow them to interact with virtual characters that span the entire sales spectrum. This helps them make more targeted recommendations based on specific consumer groups or demographics. From infographics to personal anecdotes, you can use anything to convey empirical knowledge. For example, use branching scenarios to introduce corporate learners to various customer personalities so they can identify their needs and suggest the ideal add-ons.

4. Cover the sticking points when selling with practical examples

One of the most common challenges salespeople face is customer reluctance. Not sure if they really need the Compound Product or the Extended Coverage Plan. However, you can prepare your reps for the most common selling problems by including real world examples in your online suggestive selling training course. Each example can include a new “excuse” or an obstacle that employees may encounter during the sales process. Plus tips to overcome them and allay consumer concerns.

5. Develop serious games that teach timing and interpersonal skills

It’s not just about knowing which additional products or services to offer, but when. And how employees introduce the topic when dealing with customers. Serious games can teach timing and teach important interpersonal skills. Like looking for non-verbal cues that translate into “I might be interested in an upgrade” or “I don’t even think about offering additional services”. These serious games also help employees build confidence and stay calm under pressure.

6. Promoting active listening through social learning

Sometimes the best teacher is experience (and trial and error). Incorporate social learning activities into your engaging online sales training strategy to encourage active listening. For example, group collaboration projects or social media discussions that allow employees to interact with remote peers. Encourage them to provide insightful feedback when a coworker posts a question or comment. This requires them to analyze the situation, determine what information their colleagues are looking for, and think about how they might deal with the challenge. As a result, they build stronger active listening skills, which they use to identify customers’ needs and recommend the ideal add-ons.

7. Encourage your employees to develop their own sales goals

Employees should be able to set their own sales and upselling goals. You will also identify personal improvement potential and work independently to remedy it. Encourage your sales reps to evaluate their current numbers and sales techniques. The former includes business metrics and sales reports. The latter can be addressed through online training simulations, branching scenarios, and other online training activities that measure your performance. Once you have all the data you can see where and how to improve.

8. Make it a requirement for every member of the team

Online training courses on suggestive sales are not just reserved for your sales team. In fact, every member of your organization who interacts with customers should take the course. For example, customer service representatives typically do not need to negotiate a sale. Your role is usually to solve customer problems after the purchase. However, online training courses on suggestive sales can help reduce the return rate and improve customer satisfaction. You have in-depth product knowledge, negotiating skills, and the perfect timing to steer consumers in the right direction. For example, you can offer them a different product that may be more useful, even if it costs a little more. Or alert them to unknown features of the current product that they hadn’t even considered.


Suggestive sales often have a negative connotation. Some may find it a sneaky or sneaky tactic to get more money out of a purchase. However, these 8 tips can help you develop online training resources that are honest and authentic. When done right, suggestive selling helps ensure customers get the most from their product with add-ons and upgrades. And your company receives follow-up orders and higher sales figures at the point of purchase.

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