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Sponge, DVSA & TSO Revamp Driver Principle Coaching- eLearning Trade

Introduction of a new theory training solution for novice drivers, drivers and trainers

Sponge, the leader in digital learning, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and DVSA’s official publishing partner, The Stationery Office (TSO), have launched a new and improved theory training solution for learner drivers, drivers and instructors.

The DVSA website “Safe Driving for Life” has been redesigned and now contains elements of the former DVSA learning zone. The new website and theory training apply scientific principles and are designed to help people pass their theory test and retain valuable knowledge throughout their driving or driving life.

It starts at a time when learners had a particularly difficult year where they were unable to practice on the roads with driving instructors due to coronavirus restrictions. Many are now practicing again after the recent lockdown and want to make progress and become safe and knowledgeable road users.

Easy to access and use from any device

The new Safe Driving for Life website contains fresh and original features to help drivers and drivers pass the theory test, as well as a wealth of valuable information to support them throughout their driving or driving life. It also offers free hands-on theory tests so that learners can familiarize themselves with the new material before purchasing an eLearning subscription.

Andy Shotton, Commercial Director at Sponge, said, ‘This is the only solution of its kind that is science based and allows access to the theory review revision material for each vehicle type from any device with internet access. The user-friendly interface is intended to facilitate preparation for the official DVSA driving theory test.

“The system also detects how well a learner is progressing in digital learning and focuses the practice on the areas the learner was not good at based on the principle of spaced repetition. It is designed to ensure that learners acquire the correct knowledge and pass their theory test as efficiently as possible. ‘

The Sponge solution offers hazard warnings and traffic sign images as well as the official revision banks for the theory test for all vehicle types, which test the willingness of the learners to pass the theory test. The solution’s algorithm also emulates how willingness deteriorates if the learner does not practice regularly.

Enable interaction between learners and teachers

Another important feature of the new technology is to create a connection between the learner and their teacher, parent, guardian, family member or friend who will help them learn to drive or drive. This connection enables the teacher to review a learner’s progress through the eLearning modules and the theory exam question bank.

DVSA’s Bill Pope said, “This brand new driving theory e-learning and hands-on program will help increase learners’ knowledge and, along with the valuable work that driving instructors do, lead to safer drivers.”

TSO’s Lisa Daniels said, ‘We are delighted to have developed such a large program with the ultimate goal of making driving safe on UK roads possible.’

The new training solutions can only be purchased by subscription at

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