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Skyward Categorical Passenger Airplane crashed in Kenya

  1. A regional passenger schedule operated by Skyward Express crashed in Kenya this afternoon.
  2. According to the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority, all passengers fled the plane. No injuries are reported
  3. The plane crash landed on a KKenya military base in Elwak in the remote Mandera province

The small passenger aircraft operated by the Nairobi regional airline Skyward Express crashed into Boru Hache near the Kenya-Somali-Ethiopian border.

The aircraft appears to be a Dash8-Q 300. to be

Mandera is the capital of Mandera County in the former northeastern province of Kenya. It is located at about 3 ° 55′N 41 ° 50′E, near the border with Somalia and Ethiopia.

Skyward Express is a private airline operating in Kenya. It serves local destinations from its two bases of operations at Wilson Airport for passengers and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for cargo. Both airports are located in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

The airline is headquartered at Wilson Airport in Nairobi, Kenya’s largest city and the country’s capital. Wilson Airport is approximately 3 miles southwest of the city center.

The airline maintains a private building at Wilson Airport that is exclusively available to Skyward Express employees and customers. Among other things, the building is “equipped with a modern canteen”.

Skyward Express was founded in 2013 by two pilots; one of them acts as the chairman of the airline, the other as the managing director. Skyward Express has inherited some equipment and routes from the defunct Skyward International Aviation.

With the termination of the service of Skyward International Aviation, the two licensed pilots Mohamed Abdi and Issack Somow Skyward Express started and began commercial operations in 2013. Initially, the airline offered passenger charter and cargo services between Nairobi, Kenya and destinations in neighboring Somalia. These services included shipping Miraa from Nairobi to Somalia.

With the acquisition of additional aircraft, the airline has expanded and diversified its passenger and cargo service to include more destinations and frequencies in the oil-rich northwestern Kenyan counties and coastal tourist attractions.

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