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Skal International is the truly global club for travel industry professionals. Skal International is a worldwide movement that is the makers and makers of the. Travel and tourism industry. The SKAL Club in Rome, Italy announces a new board for 2021-2023

  1. The Skal International Club of Rome has a new Executive Committee elected for the period 2021-2023 during the Club’s Extraordinary Assembly on June 23rd in its historic headquarters, the Hotel Universo in Rome.
  2. The assembly expressed its vote and the new board took office
  3. FORMER PRESIDENT PAOLO BARTOLOZZI explained in his speech the work of the Board of Directors he heads over the past 16 months

MUST be Rome Former President Paolo Bartolozzi explained the work of the Board of Directors over the past 16 months and outlined the challenges with COVID-19 and underline the transformation process of the club and its local and international relevance.

Were elected to the next term for 2021-2023 Luigi Sciarra as President, Vanessa Cerrone, Secretary; Paolo Bartolozzi, Treasurer, Tito Livio Mongelli and Fulvio Gianetti, Vice-Presidents. Antonio Borgia and Rita Zoppolato were elected as auditors.

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I was lucky, continues Paolo Bartolozzi, to be able to count on an exceptional board of directors who work for the success of the club despite the COVID emergency.

The new President Luigi Sciarra thanked all Skalleagues present.


It will be a presidency under the banner of continuity in relation to all existing initiatives, the greater involvement of the members in the activities of the club and the development of the opportunities that also open up thanks to SKAL Europe.

During the meeting the ceremony of handing over the COLLAR OF THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF SKAL ITALIA was held and performed by Antonio Percario to Paolo Bartolizzi.

SKAL International elected its board at the beginning of January this year.

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