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The Maratea Tourism Consortium in the Basilicata region in southern Italy was made up of local authorities and parliamentarians of Lucan origin together with the national and international press, with the extraordinary participation of Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia. They all met at the Hotel Villa del Mare to present the program for the tourist season and the Italy tourism relaunch of the destination for the year 2021.

  1. After the pandemic, Italy Tourism will restart its tourism destinations and development projects for the rest of this year.
  2. With Italy in the white zone, tourism can resume earlier than previously expected.
  3. The introduction of the Green Pass will also stimulate this tourism movement.

“Tourism in Italy resumes early and is helping to partially recover the economy. They organized the city of Maratea in every technical and receptive way to host tourism that will soon return thanks to the pandemic in Italy in the white zone and the introduction of the Green Pass, ”said Italian Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia.

Tourism in Basilicata: 4.5 million until the relaunch

PARTI is an acronym that translates to “Action Plan to Restore Tourism in Basilicata”. This plan amounts to 4.5 million euros and includes initiatives for the rapid implementation of measures to recover from the tourism crisis. It is suitable to improve the territorial offer and to strengthen the positioning of the destination Basilicata on the national and international market.

The plan illustrated by the Regional Council for Production Activities, Francesco Cuffaro, is to update the offer with aggregation projects, including creating networks of operators in the areas of art culture, wedding, luxury, family, outdoor, lake and mountain resorts, attractions, workshops and Activities as well as new segments.

Senators support the restart of Italy tourism.

Senators’ proposals

Senator Lomuti’s revitalization proposals focus on supporting SMEs [small- and medium-sized enterprises] in addition to strategies to attract tourism to the city of Maratea, which has expanded to include the Basilicata region. To highlight the quality of the infrastructures, the focus will be on the high quality of hospitality that Maratea offers and the beauty of the Basilicata region.

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