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Rhino Tourism launched in Tanzania Mkomazi Park

Mkomazi National Park in northern Tanzania has been marked for rhino tourism and is aimed at tourists interested in seeing the remaining African black rhinos, which are now the most endangered species of wildlife in the world.

  1. Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr. Damas Ndumbaro, started rhino tourism in Mkomazi National Park on Wednesday of this week.
  2. The ministry hopes to target and attract tourists interested in rhino safaris.
  3. The minister said the introduction of rhino tourism was part of the Tanzanian government’s plan.

The government’s goal is to attract 5 million tourists, which will then increase tourism profits from currently $ 2.6 billion to $ 6 billion by 2025.

The Mkomazi National Park is located in the tourist district of Northern Tanzania near Kilimanjaro and was set up as a rhino sanctuary, where tourists from all over the world can visit the rare African black rhinoceros and see them protected in the park.

Mkomazi is under the administration of the Tanzania National Park (Tanapa). It is located approximately 112 km east of the city of Moshi in the Kilimanjaro region between the northern and southern safari circuits.

Rhino tourism can be easily combined with hikes in the neighboring Usambara or Pare Mountains and a few days of relaxation on the beaches of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar.

Conserving rhinos is a major goal conservationists are seeking to ensure their survival in Africa after the severe poaching that had decimated their numbers in recent decades.

Black rhinos are among the most heavily poached and critically endangered animals in East Africa, with their population declining at an alarming rate.

With a view of Kilimanjaro in the north and Tsavo West National Park in Kenya in the east, Mkomazi Park is now the first wildlife park in East Africa to specialize in rhino tourism.

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