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Retail On-line Coaching Microlearning Actions

How to successfully integrate microlearning into online training courses for retailers

From your sales reps and customer service reps to your backend warehouse team. Every member of your organization makes a decisive contribution to the success of the company. But are you giving them the support they need to support your consumers? Microlearning is a cost-effective way to reinforce, refresh, and deliver online training when you need it. You can spend just a few minutes learning about compliance topics or exploring the benefits of the latest products. However, modern employees are looking for something innovative to fill in the gaps and improve performance. Something that goes beyond simple text-based checklists and quick task summaries. Here are 8 unexpected ways to incorporate micro-learning into online training for retailers.

8 innovative ways to use bite-size support in sales training

1. Snapshot product overviews

Snap photos of the latest line of products and focus on key features and benefits. Then add explanatory text to show employees how to present the product and highlight its selling points. For example, the new device is easier to operate and maintain thanks to its new design feature. You can even create a general overview photo or cartoon illustration that shows what’s inside. Charts are great for more complicated items with lots of moving parts, such as: B. complex machines, because you can enlarge certain elements for clarity.

2. Daily sales tip spotlight on social media

Post a tip daily on your social media page or group that employees can use to perfect their pitch. It can focus on a specific product or service. Or just focus on skills or techniques that will enable them to improve their sales numbers. Another option is to invite your top performers to share their own tricks or “hacks” that they have used in the past. Posts can even include pictures, infographics, and other online micro-learning training resources. This gives them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge by expressing it in their own words.

3. Bite-sized customer service simulations

One of the challenges often associated with retail is dealing with difficult customers. It can range from customers looking to return something well past the deadline to customers who just don’t know what they are looking for and ask every question in the book. And your employees have to be prepared for the entire spectrum. Integrating customer service simulations into retail sales training enables them to gain more hands-on experience so they can address consumer challenges. Without putting your brand’s reputation at risk. Add realistic images, sounds and client roles to provide contextual knowledge and improve the feeling of immersion.

4. Pop quiz on performance management

Employees should have the opportunity to assess their own performance and skills. Pop quizzes enable them to evaluate their knowledge base and identify gaps independently. For example, a 10-question quiz shows that you need to work on your product knowledge before introducing it. Or that they should spend more time improving their negotiation skills in order to meet their daily goals and improve customer satisfaction. You can even make them more qualitative by opting for bite-sized simulations and branching scenarios instead of multiple choice.

5. Cross-selling serious games

Most companies do not rely solely on stand-alone products. They have a whole network of offers that work together to generate more income. Your employees need to understand these relationships and how to cross-sell and up-sell during the transaction. What better way to teach cross-selling skills through online retail training than through engaging serious games? These games allow them to identify the best products for the customer. Then determine which upgrade, product or service suits you best. You also need to figure out how to place the cross-sell in such a way that customers don’t get frustrated or upset.

6. Compliance infographics

Infographics are a staple of micro-learning. As part of online retail training courses, they are a valuable compliance tool that helps convey company policies and regulations. For example, an infographic with the five most important health and safety tips that employees must follow on the sales floor. Or the most notable dress code violations to avoid in the workplace. Add relevant images, bold colors, and text explanations to give them the knowledge refreshments they need in the moment.

7. Animated online training tutorials

Instead of just asking employees to do the task, take the conversation to a level and animate the process by incorporating micro-learning into online retail training. Use animated video software to create an online micro-learning training tutorial that shows the process from start to finish, highlighting all of the key skills and tools employees will need to complete it. Just make sure the cartoon characters don’t steal the show and become a distraction. The goal is to simulate important tasks so that employees can mimic workplace behavior. For example, show a product and how it is cleaned before first use so that they can pass the information on to consumers.

8. Troubleshooting video demos

Everyone deals with problems in the workplace. From not being able to appease a customer to not having enough time to check off every item on their to-do list. Identify the most common challenges your employees face and turn them into troubleshooting demos. For example, a video demo that shows you how to cope with a conflict with colleagues or how to overcome a customer’s reluctance. Give them practical examples that can help them improve their performance and productivity.


Not only your sales staff benefit from microlearning in online training in retail. In fact, small support resources have the power to improve performance, mitigate compliance risks, and convey product knowledge across the board. Even if you don’t interact with customers on a daily basis, you should still be prepared for any eventuality. These small but great activities can help you better understand your organization and what it offers. And identify personal gaps that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

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