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Refresher Sources To Embrace In Compliance On-line Coaching

Top resources for brushing up on knowledge gaps

Memory is a tricky thing. Ideas tend to gather dust when left on the shelves instead of being actively recalled. Therefore, you need to give your employees’ mental schema a nudge to improve knowledge retention. The key is giving them bite-sized information that is engaging so they’ll remember the takeaways without getting bored of tears. Here are some refresher resources to include in your compliance online training program. Spoiler alert: they are inexpensive and can even (may I say) be fun for your remote workers.

7 ways to refresh your compliance know-how and increase engagement

1. Safety training scenarios

Who doesn’t love a compliance branch scenario that conveys critical health and safety know-how? Well, probably your co-workers. However, adding memorable characters, realistic backgrounds, and practical challenges can change things. The key is to offer your employees refresher scenarios that subtly show them the flaws of their ways. For example, what if they forget to put up a sign after cleaning up a spill. Don’t build in too many decision-making paths, because your refresher resources should allow you to expand your knowledge quickly.

2. Company policy checklists

Sometimes employees just need a short checklist to help them remember the company’s core policies and avoid mistakes. For example, what not to wear on the sales floor. Or how to handle the sales process according to company protocols. Create bite-sized checklists that summarize the basics and walk them through each step of the process. You can even add pictures or links to additional online training resources if they want to follow up on themselves. Another way to enrich your checklists is to turn them into clickable cards. You’ll have to navigate through the different destinations to get each subtopic. Which can even be associated with a badge or points (gamification for victory).

3. Task tutorials

Develop video-based online training tutorials for assignments as refresher resources that explore each phase or step of the process. This approach provides them with a visual example to follow as they work. Make sure it’s mobile friendly so they can use it in the moment of need. You should also give them complete playback control to repeat steps. An effective online training tutorial for compliance tasks emphasizes practical application before theory. Identify common sticking points among employees, then develop videos that relate to related skills or knowledge gaps. For example, your warehouse department has seen an increase in accidents at work recently. Hence, your online training tutorial can cover proper lifting techniques and safe handling procedures.

4. Do and don’t do infographics

In most cases, employees are not trying to be rebels. They don’t break the rules because they want to push your proverbial buttons. It usually boils down to a lack of awareness. They just don’t distinguish right from wrong when it comes to protocols and guidelines. However, uploading do and do-not infographics to your compliance training LMS can give them a memory refresh. Such as the correct and incorrect handling of a customer complaint. Or things to do (and avoid) during an emergency.

5. Anecdotes Against Harassment

Compliance training refresher resources don’t have to be all about facts and figures. In fact, by including anecdotes that teach them a valuable lesson, you increase their emotional engagement. For example, the narrator will talk about how you were harassed by a colleague, how you reacted and how it made you feel. Corporate learners get a whole new perspective and see anti-harassment policies in action. The anecdotes deal with the human component of compliance online training. To give you the opportunity to jog your memory banks on a more personal level.

6. Diversity training simulations

Another great way to refresh employees’ memories while immersing them in a different point of view is through simulations. In particular, diversity simulations that allow them to apply what they have learned and expose them to a variety of personalities. Personas with unique backgrounds, needs and character traits. For example, the activity is a challenging colleague asking for help during a sale. The learner in the company has to work with his virtual colleague to solve the problem and get him back on track. Meanwhile, respect their opinions and emotions to avoid embarrassment and offer support. Simulations get to the point and make diversity training easier to relate to. Employees can see how their actions and decisions affect others (good or bad).

7. Pop quiz to measure knowledge gaps

Some employees may not be aware that it is time to refresh their memories. So by adding self-assessments to your compliance online training, you can discreetly expose the gaps. For example, the pop quiz lets them know it’s time to repeat the safety training. But the pop quiz itself can also be an effective resource for refreshing knowledge. Employees have to dig into their mental schema to find the answers to what makes the gears spin. They should also provide instant eLearning feedback and point out where errors have occurred. This allows them to tackle the problem quickly and correct mistakes before it is too late. For example, when you’re at work and suddenly forget how to handle a compliance task.


These top refresher resources will strengthen memory and encourage employees to apply what they have learned. To give them the opportunity to improve understanding and long-term loyalty. You can rely on these tools when you need them to tackle demanding tasks and avoid the most common mistakes. You can also quickly summarize the dos and don’ts for the most costly compliance issues and assess your own areas for improvement. You can even include anecdotes and personal examples to shed more light on the subject. Especially when it comes to more sensitive topics.

Find the perfect compliance training LMS for your company and simplify the research process. Our online directory can help you choose the ideal system for your employees, your L&D team, and your bottom line.


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