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Quantifying The Worth Of Buyer Coaching

How to Maximize Metrics and Measure Consumer Education Success

Getting stakeholders on board can be a daunting task. Maybe executives don’t want to invest in more robust customer education strategies, or investors don’t see the value in ongoing consumer education. Here, this eBook shows you how to use key metrics to build a strong business model. For example, how you can use feedback on product usage to reduce churn rate and increase brand loyalty, or how the Net Promoter Scores fit into your training plan.

Most importantly, you will learn how to win over stakeholders so that they understand the relevance of customer training and its far-reaching effects. At the end, you have the option to measure metrics yourself using the built-in charts with automated formulas.

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Quantifying the value of customer training

Learn how to use metrics to create a customer training business model and assess its wide-ranging impact.

About this eBook

This quick but comprehensive read will show you which metrics need to be monitored and how to assess the value of customer education as well as assess your current initiatives. Here are some of the resources you can use in the boardroom and beyond:

  • Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Customer Health Score
  • Product usage
  • Annual recurring income
  • Customer education ROI worksheets

Rather than just sketching out the big data that is available to you, the eBook goes a step further and emphasizes why each metric is so important, not to mention what training techniques you can use to find the numbers and loyal customers to tie.

This is how you quantify the value of reaching customers and achieve an internal buy-in

Customer training courses are not only intended for large companies. Any business can benefit from consumer education, regardless of budget, industry or staff size. Download Quantifying The Value of Customer Training to dive into the data and get the most from your metrics. There are even consumer education impact tools that you can use to compare trained customers to those who are not getting the targeted support they need.

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