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Prime Causes To Rent Coaching Resolution Suppliers

Training solution providers: 7 reasons to contact them

Many companies assume that they need to resolve all of their L&D needs in-house. Maybe there isn’t enough room in your budget for outsourcing and you’ve heard it can cost a pretty penny. Or they feel that they have all the talents on their L&D team that they need. However, investing in training solution providers can help you expand your online training budget and allocate resources more effectively. Here are 7 unexpected reasons organizations are bringing training solution providers on board.

Should Your Company Consider Outsourcing eLearning?

1. Do not have the required experience or expertise in-house

They have seasoned team members, but they just don’t have the talent or skills to take on the task. At least not without going through a steep learning curve or achieving lackluster results. ELearning solution providers offer bespoke or pre-built options supported by their expertise. Hence, you don’t need to hire your own dedicated team to develop and deliver online training resources.

2. Need a faster turnaround time without compromising on quality

Even if you have the talent to create meaningful online training experiences, you may be working on a tight schedule. For example, you must have online training available within the next month to comply with the latest federal or company policy updates. Training solution providers can help you reduce turnaround time without sacrificing quality service.

3. Know that eLearning outsourcing will actually lower your L&D costs

Some companies mistakenly believe that relying on a training solution provider is out of their price range. Perhaps they were told that it only applies to Fortune 500 companies with large budgets. The truth is, outsourcing online training can actually cut costs and drain your resources. You no longer need to buy robust e-learning authoring tools or other resources to develop the online training course. The providers of training solutions take care of this for you. Likewise, the finished product is often more effective, which leads to less online training station time. Your employees get all the information they need in an easy-to-digest format, so they can spend more time on their work.

4. You want to minimize risk by hiring a trained eLearning expert

While one could argue that hiring a training solution provider is risky, the opposite is often the case. Involving a trained e-learning professional can help reduce risks. Especially when they have a proven track record and are familiar with your niche and company policies. Many companies turn to experienced training solution providers because they know they don’t have to grapple with the challenges of eLearning development. For example technical breakdowns or the search for the right people for the L&D team. The provider of training solutions takes on all of these tricky tasks and can cope with them more effectively with its broad know-how. This is how you reduce the risks for your company.

5. The need to provide a variety of online training resources to a multicultural workforce

When you work with a multicultural pool of employees, you know how difficult it is to ensure individual training for everyone. After all, they all come to your company from different backgrounds and with different experiences. A training solution provider can ensure that every member of your team receives the online training resources they need. They often have a diverse group of eLearning experts on their payroll. That means they have a unique insight into your multicultural workforce. If they offer out-of-the-box solutions, chances are they offer a variety of online training courses and activities that suit everyone’s goals and gaps.

6. Require the ability to scale as your organization evolves

Successful companies often face some growing pains as they expand. However, having a training solution provider minimizes them and allows you to scale up faster. For example, you can expand your online training catalog to accommodate new job roles or tasks. Or help you update your online training material based on new learning objectives or goals. When they host your online training course, you don’t even have to worry about updating / migrating the LMS for more users.

7. Want to get the most out of modern learning technology

Training solution providers tend to have the best of the best when it comes to learning technology. Your job is to stay up to date and be aware of trending topics. Granted, your organization should also keep up with the latest eLearning trends and technologies. However, training solution providers know how to incorporate new software and tools into your online training strategy for maximum impact. For example, you are familiar with certain fast e-learning authoring tools that you can use to accelerate the e-learning development process and design interactive simulations and branching scenarios. Thanks to integrated templates and assets. In addition, they are already familiar with the top tools, which completely eliminates the learning curve.

Insider tip: Emphasize your expectations

Regardless of why you choose a training solution provider, the provider you choose must consider your expectations. You need to know why you are outsourcing or buying a pre-built solution to meet the learning goals. Schedule a meeting to address all of your concerns and ensure that they have honored their end of the bargain. Ask them about their areas of expertise, the tools they use, and who is working on your project. Make sure they are knowledgeable about your industry and can provide high quality online training content within the timeframe.


Organizations turn to training solution providers for a variety of reasons. Because of this, it can’t be assumed that given your limited budget, you simply cannot justify the cost. Or that it is easier to develop online training in-house, even if it puts a heavy workload on your L&D team. Assess your training needs, the skills of your employees, and your current online training strategy to look for any tell-tale signs that it is time to bring in a training solution provider.

If your company has one or more of the above reasons, consider eLearning outsourcing. Download our free e-book, The Ultimate Guide To eLearning Outsourcing, to find out how to make sure you are on budget and get the most out of your existing online training resources by finding an eLearning outsourcing content provider that will deliver all of your Requirements fulfilled.


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