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On-line Coaching Library Suggestions To Spotlight Hidden Gems

Here’s how to shed the spotlight on the hidden assets in your online training library

“If you build it, they’ll come” may have been in a particular baseball-themed blockbuster movie in the 1980s. However, this rule does not apply to online training repositories. Chances are you are wasting a plethora of online training tools and the staff don’t even know they exist. This means they will not benefit and you will not be effectively allocating your online training resources. How do you put hidden gems in the spotlight in your online training library so that employees can do a home run in the workplace?

7 innovative ways to bring overlooked assets to the fore

1. Badge-based rewards

There are two badge-based approaches that should be considered. The first is to associate badges with specific sections of your online training library. For example, if they complete the entire problem solving category they will receive a bespoke badge. Or you can associate certain badges with hidden gems that are more complex. For example, if they complete the customer service simulation and get good grades, they will receive a badge. This also gives you a chance to highlight why the gem is so useful and how it can improve its performance. Another method is to create an online training library map. Employees can tread the path in their free time and earn badges on the side. It will also allow them to track their improvement and have a high-level view of any online training resources they are missing out on.

2. Problem-solving scavenger hunt

Ask a problem or question and invite staff to search the online training library for resources they can use. Your search should of course lead you straight to the hidden treasures. You can even create a problem-solving guide that points you to various resources, much like you would on a scavenger hunt. For example, they need to find out how to deal with a software bug in the POS system. This puts them in search of a tutorial hidden in your online training library.

3. Weekly spotlight

Pick a hidden gem or two and showcase them in your spotlight every week. This can be done in the form of an attached post on the LMS homepage. Or a webinar or podcast that summarizes the benefits of the online training resource and where to find it. This gives the staff plenty of time to look at the gem and see what it has to offer before the spotlight rolls around next week.

4. Top 5 lists for employees

Ask your staff to search your online training library and select their top 5 online training resources and activities. The beauty of having a diverse workforce with unique backgrounds and goals is that everyone has their own favorites. Depending on their job titles, personal gaps and experience levels. This allows them to publish their lists for the benefit of their colleagues who are sure to discover new online training resources that they have overlooked. The top 5 lists can also help you determine which resources are the most popular so you can refine your online training library. For example, most people mention a specific simulation or serious game. Gather feedback to find out why they liked or found the online training activity helpful. Then use the data to improve other online training resources so that they are as attractive.

5. Personalized recommendations after the activity

After each online training activity, offer personalized recommendations to highlight hidden gems and help employees focus on areas for improvement. For example, you miss some important steps during simulation. Therefore, the recommendations include a demo or infographic at the end that is hidden in your online training library. They can refresh their memory on the task flow and build related skills. You can highlight online training materials that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. While employees still have the option to choose online training activities that resonate with them.

6. Live event showcase

Host regular live events exclusively reserved for hidden gems in your online training library. Focus on a few so you can give everyone enough time and show how they can improve employee performance. You can even invite staff over to local inns to share their own top picks and how they discovered the gems in the first place. Another benefit of running these live event showcases is figuring out why those online training resources were lost in the mix. For example, a real-time discussion shows that most employees don’t even know that there is a performance management or customer service area in the online training library. Or that they can filter the resources in the LMS to find online training tools that meet their needs.

7. Social media suggestion groups

Start a closed social media group just for your remote employees. Then, daily or weekly, post a hidden gem that fits your current learning goals or gaps. For example, you might want to share your product knowledge video demo that is lurking in your online training library just before a major sales event. These suggestion groups allow you to tailor your recommendations to the evolving needs of your employees. You can also share your personal suggestions and possibly some personal anecdotes to accompany you. For example, they came across the COI infographic or the “Sales Pitch” podcast while preparing for a large customer meeting.


Showing your hidden treasures doesn’t take much time. It doesn’t cost much of your L&D budget either. It just takes a little creativity, planning, and audience participation. Something as simple as adding a top 5 list to your email newsletter can make your reps aware of relevant online training resources. However, you need to do a little research beforehand to identify any gaps and what online training tools can fill them.

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