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New Worker Onboarding Guidelines: Make Coaching Superior [eBook]

The ultimate new hire onboarding checklist for maximum engagement

Contrary to popular belief, employee onboarding doesn’t have to move new recruits to tears. This ultimate guide can help you start an engaging, fun, and insightful online training program that goes beyond orientation. You will learn how to use storytelling, gamification and experiential learning to bring new employees up to speed and give them a warm welcome. Before we get to the checklist for onboarding new hires, let’s summarize some of the common barriers to training. Negative prejudices penalizing your L&D program from day one.

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How to Make Training Great: Your New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Find out insider tips to keep boredom away and encourage new employees to become involved!

4 General prejudices about employee onboarding

We have all been there before. We have found a new job and are excited about the opportunities. Then comes the onboarding training to put things down. It’s not day one jitter to worry about, it’s the new hurdle for employee training. This usually includes nerve-wracking compliance checks, PowerPoint presentations, and a healthy dose of awkward group ice-breaking activities. Below are some of the worst offenders and how to turn the tide with this new onboarding staff checklist.

Boring and boring

A majority of your new hires have likely been “there, done this” when it comes to onboarding training. They know they are waiting for a boring and boring ride that will last at least a week. The good news is that with storytelling, gamification, and real-world activities, you can instantly create an emotional connection. Imagine their surprise when they find anecdotes, interesting characters and simulations when they log on to the online training platform.

One size fits all

Every new employee has different skills, knowledge and performance gaps. Their personality traits also play a role. So how can consistent training experiences work? This new employee onboarding checklist shows you how to create bespoke content that doesn’t just brush the surface. You can get in touch with your new hires on a personal level and address their specific needs rather than giving them resources to cut cookies and hope something sticks.

Theory instead of practice

Really memorable and meaningful onboarding courses make it easier to use in practice. Let’s face it, new hires generally expect a dump of information. You have already associated onboarding with cognitive overload based on previous experience. You can turn this term on its head by adding task simulations, tutorials, and story-based scenarios to help them put their knowledge into practice. These activities also support error-directed learning so that they reflect personal behaviors and habits that may hinder them in the workplace.


Most new hires expect printed manuals and on-site training courses that last for days. Granted, the COVID crisis changed that prejudice to some extent, but inflexibility is still a major concern. Do you have to go through an hour long online lecture? For this reason, companies should always consider personal preferences and busy schedules. Schedule the course, let new hires work at their own pace, and offer them various resources to help them choose.

About this eBook

This all-in-one employee onboarding guide will walk you through every step of the process. You will learn how to use stories, game mechanics, and other valuable tools to achieve next level engagement. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in it:

  • So that the onboarding process of your employees is fun (also online)
  • Here’s how to create a new employee onboarding checklist template
  • Employee Engagement Best Practices: Use Storytelling In Your Training
  • The learning path: creating a corporate culture for ongoing employee training
  • Why security awareness and phishing training is required from day 1
  • How to play your compliance training
  • Notable best practices + ideas for remote onboarding
  • Receive feedback to improve your employees’ onboarding experience


New hires shouldn’t have to settle for stressful or yawning online training. As the old saying goes, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Do you want to get them involved in your business and make them feel at home, or do you want to ask them to update their resumes before they even arrive? The importance of L&D to employee satisfaction should never be underestimated.

Download the eBook How To Make Training Great: Your New Employee Onboarding Checklist With Inside Secrets To Enhance Your Onboarding Experience And Create A Lifelong Learning Culture. You can also attend the webinar to take advantage of storytelling opportunities in employee training.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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