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Methods To Emphasize Actual-World Advantages Of Compliance On-line Coaching

How to emphasize the real benefits of online compliance training

What types of issues do you face in your compliance online training programs? It’s a very industry-specific topic, but broadly it covers ethics and security. It creates a space for high quality products and services, so it is a function of quality control. In addition, a pleasant working environment should be created for everyone involved. It also aims to protect workers from violence, harassment or malicious treatment. It sets, implements, and enforces the protocol. Nevertheless, compliance seems theoretical and remote for many workers. How can you apply compliance online training in an authentic and understandable manner to your everyday life?

5 new ways to put compliance training in context

1. Effects on the real world

The reason so many employees don’t connect to compliance online training is because of the premise. Most compliance requirements are highly legal. They are deliberately designed to cover all bases and avoid loopholes. The downside to all of this parsing is that no one can understand it. It looks good to the lawyers, but is utter gibberish for the rest of your staff. Include your compliance requirements in their basic language in your course. Then explain in plain language what it looks like in everyday life. For example, you can start the online compliance training module by listing a specific compliance term. “Employees need to protect and retain all forms of company information. Failure to comply can result in criminal prosecution and fines running into the millions. ‘ That sounds scary, but it doesn’t really say anything. Using visual examples, explain that not using a laptop lock will hurt this. Anyone could grab the computer from your desk, pocket, or home and give them access to sensitive company information. This type of data theft could cost the company billions of dollars.

2. Inclusion of personal anecdotes in compliance online training

To add to the first point, any computer can be hacked. But if your computer has a strong password and up-to-date firewalls, it’s a little more difficult. In such a case, even if your laptop is stolen, the criminal is unlikely to gain access to important data. Include examples and scenarios of how this has happened in the past. You could mention an employee whose backpack was stolen on the subway or taken away by unauthorized office visitors. Since the Find My Laptop software was activated on the device, the device was restored. While he was away, the thief tried to crack the password but couldn’t, so they erased the disk instead. Since the physical laptop was restored, there was no additional cost to purchase new machines. And because the laptop attendant followed the office’s backup logs, any deleted data was still available in the cloud. Likewise, failure to supervise staff gave the thief access to the office in the first place. But compliance with data protection standards saved the situation. This shows how important little things like the registration of all office guests are.

3. Individual assessment

Many fables, religious texts and cultural myths reveal a typical human bias, it is easier to recognize the mistakes of others. We can spot mistakes in our colleagues much more easily than we accept the same problems in ourselves. Therefore, it is not enough just to ask your employees whether they are complying with the regulations. They have to demonstrate the way in which they are not. Program regular assessment modules into your compliance online training courses. They should be deliberately distributed and administered in an inconspicuous manner. For example, pop-ups from friendly characters in the course.

Ask direct, non-accusatory questions like, “Did you change your password this week?” ‘Is your desk lock activated?’ ‘Does anyone have access to your purse?’ ‘How do you remember all of your logins?’ ‘Do you have joint online accounts?’ All of these answers can point to compliance gaps that need to be addressed.

4. Demo videos to bring the news home

Create demo videos that show employees what their actions or lack of compliance knowledge look like in the real world. For example, the character does not handle the dangerous chemicals in the proper safety gear. Or don’t wear a sling before picking up heavy objects. Show employees the negative consequences and benefits that compliance online training can bring. It’s no longer just a detailed explanation of what can go wrong or right. But a visual illustration of how their behavior affects their daily life. Use animated videos when you need to demonstrate potentially dangerous situations. Just make sure you don’t overdo the humor and overshadow the seriousness of the subject.

5. Serious games that force, educate and entertain

Let employees venture through different levels and experience compliance issues in action. The first level, for example, offers a customer meeting where COI compliance comes into play. They need to be able to see that the customer is actually offering them a bribe and how to refuse it. Serious games are a great way to motivate employees while also showing them the real benefits of their compliance online training. It also provides instant feedback. If they can’t successfully tackle the problem, they may get stuck or earn the pass mark. So they know where they went wrong and how to fill the gap.


Compliance online training is by nature abstract. If you don’t translate it into everyday expressions, your employees will hardly benefit from it. How can you do this? View the real results in actions, reactions, dollars and cents. You can do this through beautifully designed statistics-driven infographics. Ask your clients and employees to tell contextual stories from their own lives and build case studies about them. Occasionally poke employees with specific questions that will lead them to realize their own non-compliance. These tips make compliance a more recognizable and therefore verifiable issue in the workplace.

Online security compliance training ensures the well-being of your employees and avoids costly citations. How do you find the right LMS for your mandatory online security compliance training? Check out our list of the best LMS solutions for compliance training to mitigate risk and engage your remote workers.


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