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Maximise The Distant Coaching And Improvement Of Your Colleagues

Insights on overcoming barriers to remote workforce development

Teleworking was picking up speed even before the global pandemic. Companies saw the benefits of having their employees work from home, which included lower operating costs and better work-life balance. However, this brought a number of new challenges to the training and development of remote workers. Then the COVID outbreak added even more hurdles. Fortunately, this eBook can help you identify underlying problems and solve them with workable online training solutions.

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Working From Home – How to Maximize Remote Training and Development of Your Colleagues

Discover eLearning solutions to get the most out of your most valuable resources and fill existing gaps.

Starting a remote workforce training strategy in the new normal

For many of us, the new normal is anything but. However, we need to be able to rise to the challenge and nurture team talent from a distance. This depends on a successful human resource development strategy that is tailored to personal needs and organizational goals. You need to understand your current L&D vulnerabilities and how eLearning solutions can be used to address them cost-effectively without sacrificing employee engagement. But it’s also about building an online training culture that continuously supports and collaborates with your telecommuting team.

What you will find in this eBook

This eBook enables you to implement an unexpected online training strategy in a post-pandemic world, from unexpected benefits to remote working forecasts. Here’s a preview of the insights in it:

  • Discover why working from home has become an integral part of the new normal
  • Discover the many benefits of training and developing remote workers
  • Discover the challenges of working remotely and how you can overcome them with eLearning solutions
  • Insight into the future of remote workforce training and development

This is how you promote team talent and create engaging courses

Human resources are a company’s most valuable asset. You need to identify hidden talent and nurture them with a supportive training culture. If you are looking for best practices to tackle your biggest organizational challenges, this eBook is a must have. Download Working From Home – How to Maximize Remote Training and Development of Your Colleagues to Improve Team Productivity and Create a Future Proof L&D Strategy for Your Remote Workers.

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