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L&D Meetup #LearningAnalytics – eLearning Trade

Let’s start using data effectively!

Top L&D and Learning Analytics experts Success stories and insights …

We use it and use it to inform our decisions. But Are we really using the potential of learning analysis? to the fullest and in the right way?

According to estimates by DDI research, 79% of people analytics projects fail, and according to i4cp, 86% of companies do not go beyond creating standard reports in their data-driven processes.

In this edition of the L&D Meetup, we gather talent management and L&D experts to share their success stories and insightful panels on how data can be used efficiently for:

  • strategic personnel planning
  • Retraining and further education
  • Find skill gaps
  • Shaping the learning experience of employees
  • perfect onboarding
  • Increase in performance and productivity

Remember: this is not a boring online conversation. The entire conference is being held in a hybrid, highly engaging mode that our audience has already loved.

On March 31st we will be broadcast live from Warsaw and get in touch with experts from around the world. All with live music to make it even better!

Our speakers:

Donald H. Taylor – Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute

Anthony Parker – Diversity Recruitment & Executive Search Partner
by Christian Dior Couture, Chanel, Calvin Clein

Petr Sramek – HR Director at Penny Market

Marek Balis – HR Director at KPMG Czech Republic

Simona Podgoreanu – HR Director at KPMG Romania

Tim Peffers – Organizational Analytics Manager at Philip Morris International

Nick Hindley – Organizational development and learning mediator

Dorota Piotrowska – HCM & Future of Work expert

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