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Koh Lanta Island, Is It Value Visiting? Uncover Thailand

Koh Lanta is a stunning tropical island like Phuket and Phi Phi, but there is one big difference: Phuket and Phi Phi are very crowded. It’s amazing when you are there and it’s also way more expensive than Koh Lanta.

It’s pretty busy, especially in high season, but most of the time it’s a lot quieter compared to Phuket or Phi Phi and it’s not that developed which also makes it a lot cheaper. So if you are looking to come to Thailand for a relaxing vacation or a beach vacation, then you should check out Koh Lanta.

But of course, if you’re interested in something like a party destination or something then Phi Phi or Phuket is a much better option for you.

Koh Lanta Island – Get to know the other side of Thailand

How to get to the island of Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta, Thailand is about 70 kilometers south of Krabi and is fairly easy to get to here.

The main destination from which you can reach here is Krabi or Phuketand you can come by land or by ferry. Also keep in mind if you are from Malaysia you can stop in Trang and get here by land, or from Phi Phi you can take a ferry or even from Langkawi Island from Malaysia. (Koh Lanta day trip)

Krabi ThailandKrabi, Thailand

When to visit Koh Lanta Island

The best time to visit Koh Lanta Island is from December to March. It is high season and most visitors will be on Koh Lanta at this time.

Don’t worry when I say most tourists. It still won’t be that busy but it’s the time all restaurants open.

The rainy season starts from May to November, also the low season, which is why the island is much quieter.

Ko Lanta“Island consists of two islands, the northern part is”Lanta Nui“Island and the southern part is” Lanta Yai“The island and the two islands are connected by a bridge, the entire infrastructure is in the southern part and”Lanta Yai“Island can be divided” In addition to a crowded northern area and a quieter southern area, there are wonderful sandy beaches on the west coast. Checkout Pimalai Resort & Spa for a pleasant stay.

Koh Lanta Island Popular Beaches

Nui Beach Koh Lanta

Tourists can relax on the soft sandy beach of Nui Beach, which is considered the most beautiful beach on the island of “Koh Lanta”. Tourists can observe the clear waters of the Andaman Sea and, behind it, the mountainous landscape covered with mountainous tropical greenery.

Ko Lanta Island Beach

Long beach

Long Beach, located in the northernmost part of the island, is the most famous and popular beach. Tourists can celebrate various festivals and eat and drink in many of the restaurants offered here. It is also considered one of the best suitable places for jogging and morning exercise. There are numerous diving schools, shops, gyms and a variety of accommodations around the beach.

Long beach

The splendor of the sunset appears on Relax Beach in a way nowhere else to reproduce. On the right side of this magnificent landscape, tourists see fishing boats moored in the small bay, and on the left there is a grove of wild palm trees, and the islands appear on the horizon Budaiya, which is known for the existence of “Maya” Bay for its dreamy atmosphere.

The sun sends its golden rays on the sea water, then it disappears and the horizon suddenly turns yellow, orange and red at the same time, and cloud formations appear like a fiery inferno, and the sky seems to burn over Ko Lanta island in a very wonderful and magical way Scene.

Krabi Koh Lanta sunsetKoh Lanta sunset

Barracuda dishes

Tourists coming from the coastal road will have to wander through shared apartments a bit on their first visit to find a “barracuda,” but this bar is well worth the trip as tourists can enjoy fresh barracuda dishes whether it be a barracuda is sweet sauce, curry sauce or pepper sauce. The prices for delicious fish and juices are unbeatable here.

Barracuda Koh LantaBarracuda Koh Lanta

Hiking around Koh Lanta Island

Tourists usually need a car or motorcycle to enjoy the island’s natural diversity. Drivers who do not have excellent driving skills can develop their skills in Koh Lanta due to the low traffic volume compared to other Thai cities.

West coast tour

You can go on a motorcycle expedition on a 25 km long road along the west coast. The International Buddhist Meditation Center is two kilometers south of Klong Nin. The tourists here enjoy an enchanting view of the oasis of calm on the west coast. Meditate walking and sitting twice a day.

Mai Kaew Cave Bat Cave Koh LantaMai Kaew Cave (Bat Cave) Koh Lanta

As the tourists go further south, they will come to a small junction that leads inland after Nui Bay, and from this point they can go on a long-distance hike to see (Mai Kaew cave) the Bat cave and then the magnificent waterfalls (Khlong Chak waterfall).

After that, tourists can visit the east side of the island where the old town is located, which is rich in traditional buildings, and this small coastal town that includes a port for trips to neighboring islands is considered one of the suitable destinations for visitors who prefer their tour want to spend in the local population rather than with tourists.

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The island of Koh Lanta is worth a visit

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