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Is AstraZeneca’s failure the start of latest COVID catastrophe?

Tourism cannot return, especially not in Europe and Brazil and its source markets. COVID-19 enters an even more dangerous third wave as AstraZeneca vaccine fails and Chinese Sinovac is only 50% effective.

  1. COVID numbers are skyrocketing, vaccine is failing, hospitals are full, but the crowds are being encouraged by the country’s president to go to the beaches in Brazil
  2. Europe, relying on Astra Zeneca vaccine, shows this vaccine fails with some blood clots developing after receiving the vaccine.
  3. The United States appears to be vastly superior worldwide in terms of the quality of vaccines used and the number of vaccines administered

So my sister-in-law got vaccinated yesterday. She has an autoimmune blood disease. The nurse was very familiar with her condition and advised her not to get the AstraZeneca vaccine and wait for one of the others. So she went.

Denmark reports one death and critical illness after two AstraZeneca vaccinations, leading to further reviews of the vaccine in Europe. The Danish Medicines Agency said it was looking to see if the disease was a possible side effect.

Thousands are on the streets in Hungary to protest further restrictions

AstraZeneca said their vaccine offers less protection against minor diseases caused by the COVID-19 variant, first discovered in South Africa, but offers the same effectiveness against two other main variants.

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