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Interactive Studying Content material In eLearning: How Efficient Is It?

Why you should make learning content interactive

In case you didn’t know, interaction is a two (or more) way action that takes place between objects, one affecting the other. Now let’s make it more relevant to the subject of this article. In the learning space, the term interaction has a lot to do with an active approach to learning. According to Christopher Pappas, eLearning interactivity is more of a “dialogue” that takes place between learners and digital learning tools. In this case, learners are engaged and actively involved in the entire online learning process.

Are you still wondering whether interactive learning content plays an important role in the success of an eLearning course? If so, you may need to stop worrying too much. In the rest of this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about interactive learning content. including the exact effects on your training course. So let’s get down to business without further ado.

Let’s get back to our unsolved burning question: How effective is interactive learning content in eLearning? To answer the question, I’ll start by saying that the importance of creating interactive learning content for your digital learners cannot be overstated.

Get the most out of your learners

By creating interactive training content, you can, among other things, arouse the emotions of your learners.

This is pretty much possible because interactivity can recreate the real world through a variety of options. Some of these include the use of digital learning course scenario questions as well as simulations. One of the advantages of this option is that the eLearning interactivity allows your learners to make different decisions without having to worry about real risk.

Increase student engagement

Interactive learning content also has the following effects on your learning course: It helps to increase student engagement. With eLearning interactivity, learners tend to focus their attention more on the eLearning content than on other things. The advantage of this, of course, is that they can better understand the main objective of the course, which will lead to better results for them.

Improve your learners’ knowledge retention skills

Interactive learning content not only helps increase engagement, but is also effective in the sense that it can help you improve your learners’ retention skills.

According to a study by Uwaterloo, quoted by Work-Learning, learners tend to forget about 50 to 80% of what they have learned after a day. This can increase to around 97-98% within a month of studying. However, with interactive learning content, you can improve your learners’ knowledge retention skills.

Interactive activities arouse the learner’s curiosity. The good thing about this experience is that it can lead to active knowledge acquisition. However, in order for you to be able to create interactive training content that will help improve your learners’ memory skills, here are some of the elements that you should include in your course:

  • Scenario-based elements
  • Multimedia elements such as video
  • Gamified elements

How to create interactive learning content in eLearning

Now that you’ve learned about some of the benefits of making your digital learning content interactive, it’s time to start creating your course. Before you do that, however, here is a burning question: How exactly do you create effective interactive training content?

To create your interactive learning content, all you need to do is to do the following:

1. Use interactive learning templates

One of the best approaches to creating interactive content is to use templates. If you didn’t know, interactive learning templates are very effective for creating a variety of content that can help you increase your learners’ engagement and improve their retention skills. Interestingly, they don’t require any programming skills to take your course.

2. Use tools

In addition to using templates, you can also use various tools to create interactive content. You can always choose reliable authoring tools to create your content.

While there are several different authoring tools, it is important to understand that no two can perform the same function. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Whichever tool you choose, one thing is important: you need to choose the tool that has an interactivity generator.

3. Make it happen

Another way to make your content interactive is to use multimedia elements such as video, animation and audio if necessary. In the process, however, make sure that you make it as real as possible. Also, try to avoid unnecessary interactive elements.


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