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Indicators That You Ought to Rent an LMS Administrator

Why you should hire an LMS administrator for your online training program

It is a common mistake to think that your L&D team can manage your LMS on their own. You found the time to implement the system, but now that the project is complete, it’s just a little bit of reporting, isn’t it? Not correct. The LMS administrator’s role deals with technical issues, communication, training and stakeholder management. Your LMS is not self-running and you are likely having reporting issues due to poor data integrity or users not having the correct levels of access. This is likely to affect your online training goals. So it’s time to hire an LMS administrator to make sure you’re getting the most out of your LMS investment.

LMS Management: The Myth vs. Reality

We covered the first myth: install an LMS and forget about it. Unfortunately, the Learning Management System (and your online training program) won’t run by itself. In fact, regular maintenance is required to ensure accurate data and reports. You will also need to update online training content, manage issues, and provide adequate L&D support. Simply put, the list of tasks to manage an LMS is long and essential! Another myth is that the L&D team can find the time to do these tasks themselves. However, that particular expectation may come from those holding the budget and your job is to convince the leadership that hiring an LMS administrator can’t wait any longer. This article will walk you through several problems you might face without one to help you create your business case.

5 common problems you will encounter without an LMS administrator

1. Bad reception

Delayed or ignored support calls are just one symptom you will encounter in the absence of an effective LMS administrator. Simple login problems can be easily handled through an established and efficient support solution system. An LMS administrator will deal with this on a daily basis. Here are some other signs of poor intake to look out for:

  • No communication with corporate learners – Of course, if your corporate learners are not informed, they will not understand the expectations of online training. A new online training course must not be assigned to the correct employees. Regular communication channels and suitable, automated e-mails will involve the learners in the company.
  • Outdated online training content or eLearning course design – LMS administrators not only handle access and reporting, but are also responsible for keeping the content up to date. In most cases, they work with managers or subject matter experts to ensure that the online training courses are relevant and timely.
  • Lack of customization – If you hire an LMS administrator, he or she will ensure that any updates related to integration with other business systems are carefully managed. All branding changes are reflected in the adaptation of the LMS design. Without an LMS administrator, the look and feel of your LMS may not reflect your current business aesthetic.

2. L&D team overloaded, no time for LMS admin tasks

You may find it increasingly difficult to meet your online training goals. For example, new online training materials take far too long to develop. Or you have a vacancy that you cannot fill. On the other hand, the burden of maintaining your LMS can lead to stress and burnout in the L&D team. If you don’t have someone to take care of the day-to-day running of the system, you can’t get the most out of your eLearning team. Additionally, you could lose your top L&D talents simply because they feel overworked and undervalued. You’re too thin – and all of these can be avoided by hiring an LMS administrator for your online training program.

3. Technical problems

There are numerous technical issues that can arise due to a lack of proper maintenance. For example, you may hire an LMS administrator to manage user roles, create and maintain online training content, make adjustments, and collect eLearning feedback. These prevent access or user errors. An LMS administrator is also trained and knows how to fix common problems. For example, they can help you overcome the usual hurdles when moving to a new platform. Or, give your L&D team the tools they need to solve rudimentary technical problems as they arise.

4. Cooperation problems

Every new online training course is a mini-project. As soon as you hire an LMS administrator, he or she acts as an eLearning project manager and brings the parties together to create and implement new online training courses. Without this central point of contact, teams will find it difficult to address and solve problems together. You may be missing out on new collaboration opportunities. Additionally, stakeholders can complain that the LMS is not fit for purpose if they can’t see their business goals in action.

5. Problems with employee training

It may appear that there are technical errors with LMS reports or the eLearning course design. However, it is more likely that the online training was not rolled out in parallel with the correct training. When you hire an LMS administrator, you transfer responsibility for providing and creating communications and handling questions. You set a good example and continuously support your team so that everyone can use the LMS effectively and maximize functionality.


An LMS administrator can help you get the most out of your LMS investment. Without proper maintenance, stakeholder support, and training, your LMS will not live up to expectations. An experienced and well-trained administrator improves the efficiency of L&D across your organization. So the next time you create a business case for a new LMS, make sure you consider the cost of an LMS administrator. Don’t make the same mistake thinking that you can do anything within the L&D team! Is it your job to direct and manage the technical maintenance of eLearning software? Doubtful. Their commitment is to provide online training at all levels of the company. With an LMS administrator, your system runs efficiently and you can concentrate on your L&D strategy.

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