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IMT Affords Full Scholarship By eLearning Trade

IMT is partnering with the eLearning industry to offer a full scholarship

The IMT MSc program is the only international immersive technology program offered online. It covers a subject area that is unique in Greece and has a high degree of innovation worldwide. The focus is on the latest technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality with a focus on education, training and game design.

The MSc program uses distance learning and blended learning approaches to education to enable study opportunities on a global scale regardless of the learner’s geographic location. Students also have the option to choose flexible curricula and multiple participation methods.

The primary goals of the Graduate Program (MSc) are:

  • Develop practical skills and core competencies related to the study areas
  • Preparation and training of specialized scientists as well as their international promotion through the promotion of science and research in cognitive fields
  • Working with industries, corporations, educational institutions and research centers to adopt, use and disseminate the most advanced information / computer systems and practices
  • Cooperation with institutional government structures (e.g. ministries, services, local authorities, etc.) and other Greek, European and international scientific organizations, higher education institutions and research centers

There are 3 study options available for enrolled students:

  • Independent study (15 ECTS)
  • Master thesis project (30 ECTS)
  • Master’s degree (90 ECTS)

The courses are divided into two sections: compulsory and compulsory elective. The thesis project can contain study-related solutions to theoretical or practical problems in the scientific areas dealt with in the MSc. Since many companies and institutions have already joined the IMT network and are still joining, the master’s thesis can also be combined with practical internships at real workplaces such as industry, laboratories, research centers, IT companies and training rooms during a career day event.

The Independent Study (15 ECTS) follows the implementation philosophy of the Thesis Project and includes research on a smaller scale. The supervisor of the independent study can only be appointed by an academic member of the MSc program with the written consent of the coordinating committee.

The duration of the master’s degree depends on the presence mode / scenario of the student, which includes the following options:

  • The full-time mode / scenario is defined in three (3) four-month semesters, the third of which is available for the preparation of the thesis (maximum total time for the master’s degree in full-time mode: 1 year)
  • The part-time mode / scenario is set to six (6) four-month terms, the last two of which are available for the preparation of the thesis. (Maximum total time to acquire a master’s degree in part-time mode: 2 years)

About the collaboration between IMT and the eLearning industry

The tuition fees of the IMT-MSc program for the academic year 2021-2022 are 4,000 euros, regardless of the attendance mode (full-time, part-time) of the students, which are paid in three (3) installments.

However, the IMT does offer a scholarship to a member of the global eLearning industry community.

1. Offer: Full scholarship for the eLearning industry

To apply for the eLearning Industry Full IMT Scholarship, please email the Subject: eLearning grant, along with your full résumé and a one-page description describing your motivation, skills and reasons for participating in the program. You can also provide receipts or evidence that can prove your eligibility. The deadline for entries is August 15th.

2. Offer: Fee reduction for readers of the eLearning Industry

Register for the IMT program by August 15th and receive a fee reduction of 500 euros by selecting the “eLearning Industry Member” option !!! (This special offer is only available to the first 30 applicants to apply)

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