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After a successful trial last month, IMEX is inviting BuzzHub attendees to the Gather Buzz Fest on the Gather.Town platform to end Extreme Innovation Buzz Day on Wednesday, July 7th.

  1. This is the very first Gather Buzz Fest – the IMEX Buzz Day After Party.
  2. Gather.Town is a gaming platform with a strong retro vibe reminiscent of arcade games from the 80s.
  3. The participants choose an avatar, an outfit and go from their desktop to the great digital unknown.

IMEX’s Gather Buzz Fest features a game room, Guilty Pleasures entertainment tent, musical campfires, parklands, and splash-free island hopping. Dog owners are invited to bring their real pooches to the screen, while musicians can jam by a fire pit. No add-ons, downloads, or apps are required as navigation is controlled by keyboard arrows.

Swapcard’s Evolve Homecoming event attendees will also attend the Gather Buzz Fest as part of the community’s joint event – an industry first.

Carina Bauer explains, “As part of our commitment to experimenting on behalf of the industry, we worked with Gather.Town to deliver the ‘secret ingredient’ of every live event – spontaneous connections. We know that the spontaneity of meeting an industry friend is hard, if not impossible, to reproduce in real life, but this is the next thing we’ve come across and we urge everyone to try. “

The IMEX Gather Buzz Fest is the highlight of another Buzz Day with speakers and programs based on one of the 12 commitments of IMEX – Extreme Innovation. The speakers include Christophe Debard, Head of Protospace, Toulouse; former Creative Director of UK Grazia Magazine, Suzanne Sykes and Light Artist, Frankie Boyle. The program of the day allows both Evolve and IMEX communities to take part in a crossover session with serial entrepreneur and author Cris Beswick on the topic of “Building a Culture of Innovation”.

The Gather Buzz Fest takes place at the end of Buzz Day on July 7th. Register for Buzz Day – free of charge – here.

The IMEX BuzzHub runs through September and offers human connections, business value and bespoke content on the Road to Mandalay Bay ahead of IMEX America November 9-11 and Smart Monday, powered by MPI on November 8th.

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