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How Totally different Is Drupal 9 From Drupal eight?

The beta version of Drupal 9 was released in June 2020 after the previous update #Drupal 8.9. The new version did not contain any additional functions, but is a cleaner version of Drupal 8. To upgrade to the new version, outdated codes must be removed from Drupal 8. In case you’ve already removed the outdated codes from your Drupal 8 site, you’ll need to migrate. It’ll be a breeze for the new version.

Difference between Drupal 9 and Drupal 8

If you have updated your website to Drupal 8, you must have taken note of the main changes compared to the previous Drupal 7 update. Developers mostly had to write custom code and couldn’t use the provided modules from Drupal 7 in Drupal 8.
Drupal promises the last refined upgrade and has now released the 9th beta version which is nothing more than a cleaner version of the Drupal 8.9 version. Most of the provided modules that you use in Drupal 8 can be used in the new version as long as you remove the outdated code.

Use the latest versions of Symphony and Twig

Unlike Drupal 8 which used Symphony 3, Drupal 9 uses Symphony 4/5 to improve the website’s performance, scalability, quality, etc. The new version also uses Twig 2.0 as the template engine.

Drupal 9 is backwards compatible

One of the main differences between the Drupal 9 upgrade and the previous upgrade is that it is backwards compatible. If you have a fully updated Drupal 8 website, it is already compatible with the new version and can be easily updated. However, Drupal 8 was not compatible with Drupal 7 at all, and developers struggled to upgrade it to Drupal 8.

Compatibility of the contributed modules

One of the biggest barriers to updating your website is the compatibility issues of the modules provided. In contrast to the upgrade from Drupal 7 to 8, the new version offers customers a seamless upgrade experience as most of the Drupal 8 modules provided are compatible with Drupal 9.

Remove obsolete codes

Since every Drupal upgrade provides some additional functionality, many of the codes are out of date. With no to minimal upgrade, this version has focused more on removing outdated code to give developers a cleaner version of the platform.

Improved third-party dependencies

Drupal 9 has also updated its third party dependencies as it supports trusted third party applications.

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