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How To Unfold The Phrase To eLearning Consumers

Extra, Extra, Read All About: How to Share Exciting E-Learning News and Attract Buyers

Are you ready to create a buzz and promote your latest e-learning news? Let’s take a closer look at two effective solutions and what they can do for your business.

2 ways to promote your e-learning news

Press releases

What are the advantages of press releases? Why do companies publish press releases in the first place when there are so many other options? While most of us associate press releases with global events or even large corporate mergers, they are also a powerful marketing tool.

You can publish the latest press releases to get more exposure and grow your online presence quickly. They are also a creative way to promote your conference, product release, or new service offerings.

One of the greatest advantages of press releases is dissemination. You never know who will pick up the eLearning press release or share it on social media.

Ready to get your news out to 936,000+ e-learning professionals and corporate training buyers?

Learn how to promote your latest e-learning news, events, and job opportunities and reach our target audience.

How to Submit Successful eLearning Press Releases

You will need to do a little research to get started, mainly because you want to find relevant posting platforms to upload your eLearning news press release. Some websites have their own editor, while others let you upload a DOC file.

Of course, you need to make sure that you provide all the required information like title, description and contact details. A little SEO always adds value to your press release. So make sure you tweak your press release to maximize benefits and improve ROI.

One of the most effective tips for writing press releases is getting a good point of view and creating a compelling headline. You need to add a creative touch to the event in order for it to be attention grabbing. For example, buyers may not want to read about a new product unless you associate it with their vulnerabilities.

Then you have the opportunity to highlight product advantages and features and increase brand awareness without resorting to the same overused advertising techniques as the competition. Savvy marketers keep it short and to the point, usually between 300 and 800 words.

The website on which you are posting your press release may have the option of additional advertising, be it on social media or even in the newsletter. So before you decide to submit your press release, check to see if there are any additional benefits.

Kudos to you if you manage to find niche publishing platforms as it will increase the effectiveness of what you will be sharing with their audience.

If you’re having a hard time finding a suitable candidate, don’t give up. You can always send your press release to other websites where your buyer personas may be. Maybe this is a business website or something that has to do with specific software.

Thinking outside the box can help you choose the most relevant websites to promote your newsworthy content.

Event lists

Where can I register my event? If you’re attending a large event or creating an eLearning workshop, one of the ways to get more attendees is by getting the word out. By adding your upcoming event to relevant event listing websites, you will attract the attention of numerous website visitors.

And best of all, if the website you choose has a large audience and strong influence through their social media networks, hundreds of prospects will hear about your conference, webinar or workshop.

Even better if your eLearning news event list can be featured in another platform’s newsletter. The more relevant the subscribers, the better the chances you have of increasing the number of visitors to your event.

How to submit a successful event entry

The promotion of virtual events should contain all the essentials. Visitors spend only a few seconds deciding if it’s worth their time.

So point out guest speakers, practical benefits, and main discussion points. Put simply, how can you convince potential buyers of RSVP?

To advertise events online, make sure you find all the relevant websites to add your listing. Again, make sure to tweak your event listing before it goes live.

It’s not just adding to a website; You should make sure that people are organically getting to your event promos through Google and other search engines.

Either way, start promoting heavily on your own social media at least 3 weeks before the actual event.

If you want to reach a brand new customer base, you can reach out to influencers and industry experts to ask them to create a hype around your event. For example, if you add your event listing on our website, you will get your message out in front of an audience that loves to attend live events.

Likewise, you can post numerous entries on the internet to get the message across and reach the most relevant audience.


Is it time to promote new features and increase sales potential? The key is to get your messages out there where your target audience likes to hang out!

If you’re promoting a product launch or updated service, press releases are the best option as their divisibility allows you to expand the reach of your eLearning audience. while event lists give you the opportunity to fill these virtual spaces in record time.

Maybe you’ve hired top talent and feel the need to share the news about it … Well, here too, a press release is going to get everyone talking!

Speaking of talent acquisition, hiring new employees is another newsworthy event. Most companies, however, fear the recruiting process as it is time consuming and costly. But what if not?

There are many ways to simplify the recruiting process. For example, you can post a job posting on a niche website or community (like eLearning Industry). Or you can even do this on a relevant LinkedIn or Facebook group. Job offers are ideal for companies looking to expand their talent pool.

Press releases, event and job advertisements can serve your niche advertising purposes.

eLearning Industry reaches over 936,000 eLearning shoppers and L&D professionals every month. This means that by posting your eLearning bulletins on our website, you will reach nearly one million people who are already interested in eLearning products and services. Best of all, it’s a hands-off approach.

Just fill in all the required information and let our marketing experts promote your remarkable event. Whether updated services, webinars or product launches.

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